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Three fun foods to make with kids when camping

Check out our latest camping ideas for family camping fun from 'Get out with the Kids' - Gavin Grayston.

Get Out With the Kids

Now we’re no gourmet chefs – we’ll leave the judgement to the more qualifies Outwell camping kids. However, meal times for us and for many families are an important event. And we’ve found it can be a fun activity you can enjoy with the kids.

Here are three family favourites we enjoy rustling up with our kids – they go down well, too!

Pocket Pizzas

It appears that nearly all kids like pizzas and with Pocket Pizzas you can let them make their own.

What You Need

  • (Hollow) Pitta bread
  • Pizza sauce
  • Cheese
  • Toppings that don’t need much cooking (sweetcorn, ham, cheese etc.)

How to do it

Pile up a stack of pitta bread that has been sliced open one side to take the filling. Lay out the toppings and let the kids fill their own pizzas. Wrap each pizza in foil and heat in the fire embers or over a barbecue. They won’t take very long to cook. You are looking to warm them through and melt the cheese.

Pocket Pizza made over the campfire  Cooking Pizza over Campfire

These are surprisingly good, and the kids have fun too.

Tacos in a Bag

This is another really simple recipe. You can even do it on a picnic.

What You Need

  • Small packs of Nacho crisps, like Doritos
  • Mexican dips, e.g. sour cream, guacamole, salsa
  • Optional pre-cooked chilli (keep it mild to match your children’s taste)

How to do it

Lay out all the ingredients. Open a pack of Nacho crisps each (scrunching the bag to make the pieces smaller first helps). Give each child a bag and a fork. Let them put in what they like then shake and stir the bag. Eat from the bags with the fork.

Taco Sauce in the bag made for camping Tacos in a bag

Chocolate Orange Cakes

This is another gooey mess the kids will like.

What You Need

  • Large oranges
  • A packet of chocolate cake mix

How to do it

Slice the top off each orange and scrape out the contents – use for making fresh juice or something as they aren’t needed for this recipe. Make up the cake mix and spoon into each orange. Place the lid on the orange and wrap in foil. Place in the wrapped orange in the embers of a campfire or barbecue.

Cooking Chocolate Oranges over Campfire Get Out With the Kids - Chocolate Oranges

Cooking time can vary and it’s a bit of an experiment. You may need to take one out regularly to see how the cake is cooking. Don’t expect perfection as you would get from using the oven at home, but you should get at nice moist – and possibly still gooey – cake inside each orange.

Gav Grayston

Many Outwell fans will be regular visitors to Gav’s website Get Out With The Kids which he co-founded and runs with his wife, Shell, to help other parents enjoy the outdoors with their family. And they should know – our adventurous parents enjoy taking their three kids camping, hiking, cycling, canoeing, and more. Check out their reviews and informative features at
Get Out With the Kids

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