Meet our Outwell Designers

What makes a great family tent? What do we need to ensure our camping holiday is a success? What do we look for in a good family camping brand?

As passionate campers these are just some of the questions we have often asked ourselves when searching for the right kit for our outdoor adventures. And the vast experience we have gained over these years has provided a deep understanding of family camping and a deeper desire to ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy outdoor living as much as we do.

This ensures Outwell innovation continues to set standards by creating products and features that change the face of family camping. We embrace our Danish culture and Scandinavian values to develop our market-leading, practical, quality products and those all-important features needed to enjoy quality time with friends and family in safety, comfort and style.

Our R&D department may work quietly behind the scenes but they sit firmly at the frontline when it comes to ensuring our continuing success. And we would to introduce three of the hard-working team – in five questions:

Olaf Bracht

Meet our Outwell Designer Olaf Bracht

What is your background and what is your role at Oase?

I studied Industrial Design at Essen university and worked in several design studios before my love of the outdoors drew me into outdoor design. This was helped by the huge amount of special knowledge I had gained during numerous outdoor adventures, like kayaking among the Greece islands, hiking and climbing in the Alps and long canoe trips in northern Scandinavia. My role at Outwell is primarily tent development.

What makes Scandinavian design so good?
It is straight forward and without any unnecessary decorative attributes. The design is concentrated on the purpose the product needs to fulfill so it is easy to understand, features excellent ergonomic qualities and well balanced shapes. Because of the resulting aesthetical clearness the designs are often timeless and there are many high regarded Scandinavian products still available which were designed 50 years ago.

What do you like about the Outdoor Industry?
In most parts of commercial life people are exchangeable: A CEO of a chemical company might change to tourism business, another one from sweets to car parts. However, our industry is different for it is not only the bottom line that counts. All the major business people in this sector love the outdoors and are experts when it comes to judging and handling their products. The atmosphere in this business is very relaxed, but also passionate and tightly focused on creating outstanding products and innovation.

What future trends do you see?
Tents are about as old as mankind, but they still offer a lot of potential for exciting innovation as new ideas and materials become available and markets change. This could be a small innovation that simply makes living in the great outdoors easier and more comfortable or it could be a new development that sets the next trends and change the whole scenery of products.

Soren Bjerre Bogh

Meet our Outwell Designer Søren Bjerre Bøgh

Product Manager?
What is your background and what is your function at Oase?
I see myself as a person with a big heart for outdoor living. Since I was very young I have spent all my weekends fly fishing, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, climbing and camping. For many years, I was deeply involved in fly tying at quite a high level. Probably not an activity you would see many parallels with designing outdoor equipment, but fly tying is very much about attention to detail when it comes to dimensions, patterns and color combinations.

I started my professional career in retail where I worked and managed outdoor shops for about ten years. After that I have been working as sales representative for a number of technical outdoor brands selling apparel, footwear and hardware.

I have worked on product development at Oase Outdoors for the past four years. The last two seasons I have been responsible for our R&D department with my main focus on tents and sleeping categories.

What makes Scandinavian design so good?
The tradition in Scandinavian designs are generally clean lines without too many unnecessary ‘bells and whistles’. I like the idea of only adding products features when they have an actual purpose.

What do you like about the Outdoor Industry?
I have now been working in this industry for more than half on my life. Compared with the fashion industry I like the fact that almost all our products place function over good looks although the graphic design is also important to ensure their commercial success. The balance of keep improving products to perform better in the outdoors without removing their outdoor soul is defiantly an interesting task.

What future trends do you see?
Within sleeping we see a very clear tendency that campers are getting much more focused in having a good night’s sleep when they go camping. We are selling more and more products that focus on comfort, both when it comes to sleeping bags and mats. The products in this category have evolved a lot over the past few years and today it is very much possible to have a home-from-home experience when it’s time to go to bed. This evolution will continue…

Mads Busk Larsen

Industrial designer
What is your background and what is your role at Oase?

I am a Civil Engineer in Industrial Design and I am primarily responsible for awnings and accessories at Oase with part of my R&D focus on design, technical drawings, product development and components.

What future trends do you see?
The air market will expand, but all-season campers will probably still choose poles.

What makes Scandinavian design so good?
I love the practical design – it features only what is necessary and even decoration fulfils a function.

Why do like working about the Outdoor Industry?
It is a happy environment and we love working to provide people a good holiday experience. As enthusiasts ourselves it provides us a lot of satisfaction to help others get the most out of the outdoor. In our own way we have played a part in creating lovely lifelong memories.

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