Harrier 6SATC Front Awning

Vejl. udsalgspris: 1.099,95 €
Quickly and easily pitched by being securely zipped to the main tent for a draught-free seal, the Outwell Harrier 6SATC Awning matches the tent’s design and colour adding extra flexible living and storage space. With its large tinted windows, it makes a great room for relaxing on site and benefits from a practical detachable bathtub groundsheet.
Tekniske specifikationer
Telttype: Awning
Oversejl: Outtex® Airtech (65% cotton / 35% polyester)
Luftkanaler: Integrated Advanced Air Tube System frame for best performance.
Maximalt tryk: 7 psi/0.5 bar
Materiale på bund: Double-coated 100% polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Opsætning: In one
Størrelse (pakket): 37 x 79 cm
Vægt: 21.5 kg
Detalje ikoner