The Outwell Master Bedroom and Sleep Comfort ethos

14. March 2017

Welcome to an exciting new era in tent design that sees us create new levels of bedroom comfort. Our super size Master Bedroom concept has evolved to improve the camping experience by offering much needed extra space for mobility and storage to increase comfort levels.

As part of ongoing evolution the Outwell Research and Development department has continued to canvas campers’ opinions in this area and 2016 saw us set a new standard in comfort and practicality by launching the Master Bedroom in our popular Smart Air Polyester and Air Comfort inflatable family tent collections.

Three new bedroom systems

This year we build on the Master Bedroom concept with three new bedroom grades that appear in all but the Encounter tent collection, providing the extra space and headroom required for easy mobility and bedroom furniture. Common features throughout include Night Sky Ceiling and a cable port that brings mains power to the bedside for lights, tablets and more.

Outwell Cable Entry point Outwell Night Sky Ceiling

Colour-coded red and green respectively, the enhanced space of the Royal and Ambassador Master Bedrooms have been created by increasing length to 250cm and adjusting the cut of the rear wall to increase standing headroom. Rear mesh panels lead to our new exterior Rear Ventilation System while the Royal also features wide side windows in both inner and outer for views out from the bedroom and extra light in when desired. A clothes line adds to the convenience and comfort.

The Royal Master Bedroom

Royal Bedrooms, indentified via the red colour-code, feature in the aspirational Smart Air TC, Smart Air Polyester and Premium Outwell tent collections.

The Ambassador Bedrooms

Ambassador Bedrooms, featuring the green colour-code, can be found in Air TC, Air Comfort, DeLuxe and Élan tents.

The Premier Bedrooms

Premier Bedrooms are colour-coded black and provide extra space through the minimum 215cm length – 15cm above industry standard. These are used in the Air Polyester and Privilege Collections.

While the Encounter Collection designs do not lend themselves to a Master Bedroom it shares the new Thermo-reflective coating found in all our polyester tent collections. This has been applied to the inside of the outer tent above the inner to act as a barrier to radiant heat, working with our Night Sky Ceiling that dims ambient light levels, to help create the ideal ambience for sleep comfort.

The industry standard

For years, campers have complained that the minimum tent bedroom size of 200cm long x 60cm wide as laid down by the official standard DIN 112-02-01 AA was just too small. While we complied with the standard to assist campers compare products, we also acknowledged that more space in the bedroom was needed and suggested, through our Outwell Sleep Comfort icon, a realistic number of campers an inner could accommodate based on 70cm-80cm per person.