Outwell Moments by Frances May

Outwell camper Frances May shared her camping life story with us when she entered our Outwell Moments competition – it’s a great read and one we have to share with you!

#‎Outwellmoments - By Frances May

In my twenties...

It wasn’t the best place to pitch my parents’ cool Outwell tent. Much too close to the festival stage, the lack of sleep wasn’t anything to do with that lovely, comfy tent; more to do with the continuous music and fact that I was the only one out of my gang who had a tent that didn’t leak. Somehow or other we ended up being 5-in-an-Outwell. Sounds like the title of an adventure book. And it was. An adventure. Outwell happy days.

In my thirties...

Two weeks camping in cloud cuckoo land with the love of my life. The new Outwell tent was the most romantic wedding present ever. Somehow, the tent seemed almost too big, as we lay close to each other night after night. Were we the only people that didn’t mind the wettest, windiest summer on record? We were cocooned in our own cosy world. That’s what love and a good tent does to you. So, nine months later….. an Outwell baby!

In my forties...

So we bought an Outwell inflatable tent.Family sized. XL. Have you ever tried pitching any other tent with three kids running around ? The excitement is catching, ( or is it parental hysteria, after being 5 hours in a car with loud kids and a smelly dog ?) I feel 20 again, as welly boots go whizzing past my ear, a dog chews at a tent peg, and I wonder where I packed the bottle of wine. A glass of wine, the perfect accompaniment to pumping air into my Outwell sleep system. Or “ bed for fossil people”, as my son calls it.

All of these Outwell moments. Outwell. Twenty years of helping make the outdoors really , truly... great.

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