I camp U camp – summer event 2016

Join us as we celebrate camping with our most challenging event ever!

We want your help to spread the word about our great pastime and enjoy quality time with other campers. And to do so we would like you to take part in our I camp U camp relay that runs from the end of April to mid-August 2016. 

How you can help

I camp U camp is all about creating an opportunity for campers to get to know each other across borders and promote camping community activity. And we are looking for people to carry the baton!

In this case, our baton is an Outwell Thermoflask and it will be passed between campers who meet on campsites for coffee. 

Our event will be hosted on Facebook and you can see when and where the baton is going to be at a given date by visiting the event site. If the time and place matches when you are visiting the campsite then we would love you to participate by simply writing your name and the next campsite you will visit, where and when so others can volunteer to collect the baton from you and help pass it on around the Continent.

As part of the relay we would like you to post on our Facebook, Twitter or Instagram page, a photo of the baton being passed on to your new friend over coffee. We would also love to see pics of the baton at different locations, like at tourist spots. 

Once the delivery picture has either been received by us via social media we will send you a cool limited edition I Camp u Camp 2016 Bamboo mug and certificate.

The I camp U camp relay begins in the UK at the end of May when Outwell camper, Karen Murphy, will carry out the first exchange at the main Outwell Camping Club rally she organizes at Nantcol, Wales.

Who will take up the challenge and help us spread the camping message across Europe? 

Join the event here 

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Outwell iCampuCamp Relay Summer Camping 2016