Ouwell e-cAmp Magazine April edition 2014


Building on the success of our former annual, Camp, we’ve now launched a vibrant monthly online magazine to share the great stories, tips, images, recipes and reviews sent in by Outwell fans.

Not only is e-cAmp magazine written by campers for campers, but it also includes regular features by outdoor journalists to entertain and improve the Outwell camping experience.

Alongside campers’ tips, pictures and interviews, regular features include competitions, comment by outdoor journalist John Traynor, site reviews and a technical and Q&A section. And this month’s tempting recipe comes courtesy of Josh ‘Guyrope Gourmet’ Sutton. 

The new e-cAmp magazine is also your chance to star! Please feel free to send pics, tips and ideas to editor, Clive Garrett, at editorial@outwell.com

Outwell e-cAmp magazine available for download – just follow the link.

April edition

Ouwell e-cAmp Magazine April edition 2014

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We want to make the Outwell camping experience as pleasant as possible so we’ve introduced the Outwell guide – a new consumer publication that provides details and images of all our tents at a glance.

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