How to attach a Drive-Away Awning

Outwell drive-away awnings can be connected to the majority of motorhomes, MPVs and vans in numerous ways for ease of use and ultimate convenience.


Connect with hook and loop
 Connect with guyline
Allows an awning to be quickly and 
simply attached to convenient points
on the vehicle, like roof bars.
Awnings can be connected using guylines
thrown over the vehicle roof and attached
to convenient points or pegged out.

Connect to rail
Connect with Outwell Magnetic Band Connecter
The beaded edge of an awning can be simply
inserted and fed through an existing C-rail if
intending to leave the vehicle with the awning 
during the stay.
A magnetised strip in the Magnetic Band
Connector attaches to the unit and creates
a channel in which to slide the awning or
Outwell Touring Connect Set.
See Magnetic Band Connecter here
Connect with Outwell Touring Connect Set

Comprises double edge beaded tape and 
Figure of 8 strip to enable quick and convenient 
detachment of the vehicle when leaving the
awning on site. Also for use with a gutter rail.

See Outwell Touring Connect Set 7-5 mm here
        See Outwell Touring Connect Set 7-7 mm here

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