Camping Accessories

Outwell represents outdoor living in style and our portfolio of high quality cookers and barbecues, kitchen equipment, tableware and lighting transcend pure camping to find everyday use wherever and whenever you enjoy time outdoors. A full range of maintenance and utility accessories ensure the practicalities of camping life are taken care of to provide peace of mind.

The Outwell Burner Stoves and Grills Collection offers efficient stove burner output that reduces gas consumption and delivers reliable sources of controllable heat without compromising performance. For 2016, the new Blaze Gas BBQ is a smart, compact grill that can be used as a table top stove. The high performance Outwell Burner Stoves and Grills Collection offers an outstanding choice of easy-to-use, efficient cooking options for making the most of family camping life.
The smart sophisticated Outwell cookware, the quality Feast pots and pans and the practical nesting Cuisine and new Gastro cook sets provide top choice for all levels of outdoor cooking. These are complemented by Tea Break Kettles.
The hugely successful and original ‘First in the field` Outwell Collaps Collection is a lively blend of innovation, smart design and vibrant colour of kitchenware, tableware and storage possibilities, all taking up minimal storage space when not in use.
Electric hook-ups supplying power to a tent are now a regular part of camping life and our comprehensive range of mains kits and sockets fit the demand perfectly by providing a safe, convenient way to connect to this desirable feature. They allow the use of our popular Patio Heaters to extend the camping season into the colder months.
The neat Outwell tent lighting collection changes the camping experience at the simple flick of a switch. New to this range are the Corvus light belts with LEDs shining a soft yellow light and so many hanging possibilities. Also new for 2016 are the Collaps lamps Sargas and Leonis with LEDs; two sizes in three colours with practical pack size and integrated light dimmer.
Both hand and electric Outwell pumps are ideal to take camping as well as use at home. The pumps make it easy and comfortable for you to inflate as well as deflate your airbeds.
Convenience comes in many forms. Bulky household towels are hard to dry on site but our highly-absorbent fast-drying Terry or Micro towels are far more convenient – especially if used with the Outwell Drying Rack. The greatest convenience can be found using one of our Portable Toilets – perfect for families with young children who want to avoid night time treks across the dark, cold campsite to the toilet block. They also open up the use of quieter, minimal facility sites.
Most things we cherish need regular care and maintenance, and so does camping equipment. For this purpose Outwell has developed a full range of tent supplies that will tackle common problems and the regular attention that all tents and camping equipment require after family use in all weathers. Aerosol spray for cleaning, proofing, and disinfecting, plus a handy fire extinguisher, seem sealer and repair kid are useful on site or back at home.

Camping Equipment 2016

Our broad range of camping equipment is also packed with innovation and impressive designs for 2016 with many new products to stimulate consumer demand, complementing our popular best sellers, and building on our ‘One-stop-shop’ philosophy. Outwell Accessories represent the nuts and bolts that help to make life on site or in the wild easier and more comfortable. With Outwell, campers can be confident that they have the tools to cope with the everyday chores of making tent life comfortable, secure,safe and healthy.

Burner Stoves and Grills

Three ranges of portable gas burner stoves – Chef Cooker, Gourmet Cooker and Appetizer – offer high performance options whilst the neat Grills extend campsite cooking flexibility and fun.

The new collapsible camping equipment

The hugely successful ‘First in the field’ Collaps Collection is a lively blend of innovation, smart design and bright colour in kitchenware, tableware and storage possibilities. All take up minimal space for storage when not in use and are BPA-free – the complete range is made from non-toxic materials. Folding flat for convenient storage, ingenious thinking and smart style have come together seamlessly and successfully. The strong colours have added a new dimension to life on site and are joined for 2016 by the new plum colour extending the choice to six vibrant options.

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