Coolboxes & Coolbags

No camp trip or picnic is complete without a cool box or bag to keep your food chilled for longer. Simply freeze the ice packs before you go and enjoy cold food and drinks all day long. With lots of options and colour choices, there’s something to suit every need. Like the ECOcool and ECOlux ranges, which include a hot function for keeping food warm on the go. Or the new inflatable cool bags, which keep their cool for 10-12 hours. This year, we’ve also introduced the Outwell Deep Cool - an actual camping fridge, which will keep food fresh throughout your holiday.

Coolboxes and Coolbags

Sturdy and strong, cool boxes are a great choice for keeping food fresh and protected. Our ECO models plug into car power sources and have anti-microbial properties to prevent mould. Our new Deep Cool range comes in two sizes and is a fridge cooler, which keeps food colder for longer, making it ideal for holidays.
Outwell Coolbags are easy to transport with comfortable, adjustable carry handles, cool bags are ideal for outdoor adventures, day trips, picnics, BBQs or beach days. Simply add ice blocks to keep your food fresh and drinks chilled for hours. For extra practicality, our bags come with side pockets and washable, waterproof linings.
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