Outwell is committed to creating the very best experience in outdoor living and has an enviable reputation for Innovative family tent camping. We are in the business of making a family´s camping holiday dream come true and our large portfolio of tents, inflatable tents, air tents, sleeping bags and mats, camping furniture and lots of camping equipment is proof of our focus on frontline design and superior craftsmanship that ensure we provide the reliable quality expected by the discerning camper. By bringing a complete range of innovative tents and premium camping equipment to the market we continuously shape the future of family tent camping in Europe.

Smart Air Polyester Tent Collection
Inspired innovation, stunning designs and outstanding fabric technology have ensured our inflatable Outwell Smart Air Polyester Collection is the family tent market leader, offering true homes from home with exceptional comfort. 2017 sees further developments building on the platform of the Outwell Advanced Air Tube System with One-go Inflation Technology. Our new Royal Master Bedrooms benefit from ample headroom and floor areas, window strips all-round plus Cable Entry points to flysheet and inners for mains supply.
Air Comfort Tent Collection
The Outwell Air Comfort Collection combines successful tent designs with our inflatable technology innovation in an exceptional collection of large tents ideal for big families.The Power Air Tube System offers durable separate tube technology pumped up or deflated easily via easy access external valves; an efficient two-way pump with pressure gauge is supplied with each tent. Our Gothic-style design with pre-angled tubes ensures reliable stability with ample headroom.
Air Polyester Tent Collection
New colours, embossed fabric and a host of innovative features will ensure the versatile designs of the 2017 Air Polyester Collection are a real hit in extending the inflatable option to family campers seeking proven worth. These exceptional tent designs feature the Outwell Rigid Air System of separate, pre-shaped air tubes for reliable stability plus ample headroom with inflation valves outside the tent for easy access of the efficient two-way pump with pressure gauge supplied with each tent.
Premium Tent Collection
The exceptional Premium Collection of outstanding family tents builds on the heritage established by its classic designs. These reflect the essential qualities that have ensured Outwell has earned and held its market leading position for more than 20 years. Inspired designs and sustained innovation result in beautiful tents with practical comfort and superb style at the heart of the whole Collection. Flexibility and versatility in use are appreciated by keen campers who recognise the performance and attention to detail that underpin our renowned reputation for quality.
DeLuxe Tent Collection
With the ever-popular Deluxe Collection’s outstanding record of buoyant sales built on the broad appeal of style, innovation and design detail, it offers a wide range of options in family camping tents. Further updated for 2017 with new features and colours, the signature design character is maintained with luminous piping complementing the strong colour combinations. Offering tent designs sleeping three to seven people, the collection includes Awning and Extension options for increasing versatile living space on site.
Privilege Tent Collection
Updated throughout for 2017 with new embossed fabric and features, the competitive Outwell Privilege Tent Collection of tents, awnings and extensions reinforces its leading position as the ideal choice for extended, weekend and touring family camping holidays. The smart colourway and signature luminous piping add distinction to the practical designs packed with innovative features. For couples and families, particularly those new to camping, who want reliable comfort and practical performance with easy pitching and no fuss, its appeal is well-established.
Encounter Tent Collection
The Outwell Encounter Collection of fast-pitching lightweight tents is ideal for active couples and young families. For 2017, new colours, designs and features maintain the Collection’s outstanding credentials. Sleeping from two to five people, the versatile tunnel and super-dome tent styles offer a variety of options for long weekends and the spontaneous getaways much loved by campers. Freedom is the keynote factor here with the two ranges – Cloud and Earth.
Smart Air TC Tent Collection
2017 sees several changes for the Outwell Smart Air TC Collection building on its unrivalled reputation for inspired innovation, design heritage and the superb quality loved by family campers. These large tents offer generous space and impressive designs for discerning campers seeking ‘no compromise’ performance and technical excellence. We transformed the face of the camping market with our top-performing interlinked Advanced Air Tube System featuring our Gothic frame design of pre-shaped tubes for maximising internal space.
Air TC Tent Collection
New colours and luminous piping detail underline the striking appearance and appeal of the Outwell Air TC Collection of inflatable tents and awnings. Combining imagination with design flair, Outwell innovation delivers a full package of inspired solutions for campers’ needs. Our unique Outtex® Airtech polycotton fabric ensures full protection from the elements whilst maintaining a cooler atmosphere inside even in warm weather.
Élan Tent Collection
Building on classic design heritage, contemporary colours with luminous piping accents, sparkling style and inspired innovation are to the fore in the brand new Outwell Élan Collection that offers an impressive range of practical size and layout options to suit the whole family’s outdoor experience It features a dynamic combination of Power Air Tube technology and sturdy steel pole tents that all use our exclusive Outtex® 6000 HD embossed Taslon fabric. Our new Ambassador Master Bedrooms with Night Sky Ceilings are also one of the features of this range.
The Outwell Utility Tent Collection offers a variety of versatile designs that add extra dimensions of practical shelter on campsites, in gardens or on the beach. New for 2017 are the Oklahoma tent, striking Day Shelters in three sizes. Our multi-functional shelters extend camping life options on site for cooking, eating or storage and are just as useful for parties in the garden, on picnics or at outdoor events from country shows to car boot sales. Optional side panels are available to fit all freestanding shelters and sizes further extending flexibility.
The well-established Outwell windscreens are fast to set up and easy to move not only offering shelter on site for campers as effective windbreaks, they also offer extra privacy which can be hard to find at busy times.
Beach Shelter
With versatile designs, practical features and distinctive, vibrant colours, the Summer Beach Shelter Collection offers great options to relax at the beach. The new Summer Beach Shelters have an excellent sun protection factor of UPF 50+, offering more than wind protection, privacy and shade. The perfect Beach Sun Shelter for you in your garden on on the Beach.
Signature Tent Collection
The Outwell Signature Collection offers family tents that sleep from three to six people in comfort and security. Our quality Outtex® polyester, along with great Outwell features like sewn-in groundsheet and luminous guylines, provides weather shedding performance. Practical large windows with curtains help lift the camping experience.

Tents for all families - 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 10 man tents

2017 marks an exciting new chapter in the sustained development of the Outwell brand's outstanding tents and camping equipment. As the marked's premium family camping brand, out commitment to delivering unforgettable moments outdoors is integral to the development of all aspects of the business.

Clearly established as the market leader in delivering unforgettable family moments outdoors, Outwell has maintained a consistent commitment to inspired innovation that has transformed the experience of family camping. Raising comfort and convenience to new levels has been achieved through the introduction of unique styles, features, components and fabrics built on the foundation of quality innovation. The list of innovations introduced by Outwell is a long one. It’s a sustained drive to identify problems that affect family campers and answer them creatively with imagination.

Practical solutions are an essential element in the way our designers approach tents and camping equipment.There is no such thing as a ‘typical’ camping family so we avoid a one size fits all approach. Instead, we maintain quality, reliability and comfort through a range of options to suit varying levels of activity and commitment. For our customers, we never rest on our laurels and continue to push performance and comfort boundaries.

Top tips for safe tent camping

1. Understand your tent equipment

Read the instructions, watch the videos, use your kit at home or in controlled conditions BEFORE you go away. Not only will familiarisation make life easy and avoid embarrassment on the campsite but it will also pick up any problems while you are in a position to rectify them at home. 

2. Learn those tent camping skills

Camping is an art and items used, like tent, are your tools. To enjoy the former and get the most out of the latter you need to learn those vital and varied camping skills, like how to read the way the ground lies on your pitch; awareness of the weather and how it might change; how to pitch a tent and set it to meet the weather; knots; field repairs and gear maintenance… the list goes on but all are fun to learn and will eventually help you and your family camp with confidence. 

3. Buy a selection fo tent pegs

Every tent is supplied with ample pegs to meet most normal conditions on an ideal pitch but sometimes you meet extremes that require a something special to help keep your tent firmly anchored to the ground. Rock pegs, large stakes, Delta pegs are just a small selection of pegs that you might want to consider investing in. Find out more by visiting our blog’s technical features at outwell.com/Blog

4. Create a first aid kit for your tent

Accidents happen and time takes its toll. Gear can fail in the field but this is not a disaster if you have created a First Aid kit to handle minor repairs. Tapes, glues, hacksaw, multitool, whipping twine, guylines and Clingons are just a few items we carry in ours and you can find out more by visiting our blog’s technical features.

5. Help other tent campers

Not only can you pick up a lot of skill-based information from our website but fellow campers are a friendly lot who are always happy to provide tips and practical help on the campsite.

Outwell Test Facilities

In Denmark and at our facilities in the Far East, we have installed rain simulators to test that our tents are waterproof. We carry out many random tests to check tent quality. In a 30-minute test, the tents are subjected to a downpour corresponding to approximately six months of rain in Denmark. Along with our powerful wind machines, also installed both in Denmark and the Far East China, Oase Outdoors has some of the market's best test facilities at its disposal. These facilities are also used by European branch media, including the foremost German magazine, Outdoor.

See how we test our tents

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