Magnetic Band Connecter

RRP: 44,95 €
The Magnetic Band Connector is an easy connection between your car and drive-away awning. The set consists of a magnetic band, figure 8 rails and a plastic tube. The magnetic band easily attach your drive-away awning to the smooth surface of the car roof. On the magnetic band a beading is connected in standard size 7mm which fits the figure 8 rail. The figure 8 rail is used to connect the drive-away awning to the magnetic rail via the beading. The plastic tube is used if your drive-away awning doesn’t already have one – just insert in the beading and then connect to the figure 8 rail. The connection set is used for easy and quick connect and disconnect your drive-away awning from the car. Just pull the magnetic band away from the car and you are set to go.
Technical specifications
Size: App. 270 cm