Drive-Away Awnings

Unleash the freedom of the open road with an Outwell drive away awning for camper vans, buses and motorhomes. These essentially work like a freestanding tent extension, which easily attaches to your vehicle by rails, guyropes or magnetic bands. So you have covered, private access between your vehicle and tent, but can drive away whenever you want, without having to take down the awning. With a choice of air or poled pitching, we’ve got a drive away awning to suit everyone, from first timers to seasoned campers. High quality materials, fully opening fronts and improved attachment points offer extra space, comfort and convenience whatever the weather. Optional inners let you quickly add bedrooms.

Smart Air Touring Tent Collection
Get more from your holiday with a high tech Outwell Smart Air Touring drive away awning for campervans, motorhomes or buses. There’ll be more time to relax as the advanced inflation offers the easiest pitching. More space for eating, sleeping or playing with options for couples and families. And more flexibility to come and go as you please, as the awnings are quick to connect and disconnect. With premium features, like our best all-weather Outtex 6000 material, flexible canopies and bug-proof mesh panels, it’s the smarter way to enjoy your holiday.
Air Cruising Tent Collection
Take the stress out of camping with the fast pitching Outwell Air Cruising drive away awning. This entry-level drive away air awning is a great choice for weekend breaks or touring by campervan, motorhome or bus. The smart air technology quickly inflates into a spacious, freestanding awning. This easily attaches to your vehicle when you’re at the campsite, and can be left upright when you go on daytrips. Full standing height ceilings and the option to add a separate inner bedroom adds to the appeal. Ideal for most small vans and buses, with a Tall version for larger vehicles.
Touring Tent Collection
The pole-pitching Outwell Touring drive away awning range is ideal for those who want quality without compromising on price. Made from superior Outtex 4000 fabric, the awnings offer a spacious living area and the flexibility to drive away whenever you want. The main tent remains upright even when your campervan, motorhome or bus isn’t there, and the awning is now even easier to connect and disconnect. With various sizes, optional bedroom inners, and canopies that adjust to fit your pitch, a Touring awning brings comfort and convenience to every journey.
Cruising Tent Collection
The Cruising Collection can be left freestanding to secure the site pitch on days out. . These traditional poled awnings easily attach to your campervan, motorhome or bus, and remain upright when you go for a drive. So you get all the benefits of a standalone tent with a waterproof passage to your vehicle. Made from durable Outtex 3000 material, the awnings come in a choice of sizes and styles to suit your needs. Optional inners let you create separate bedrooms.
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