Field Repair Kit

A Field Repair Kit need not take up much room but it will prove invaluable if you want to ensure your holiday runs smoothly and even quite major repairs can be undertaken in the field with a little skill and the right tools. Clive Garrett checks out his emergency kit…

Outwell field repair kit 
Junior hacksaw and multitool

Junior hacksaw and multitool with screwdriver bits take care of most jobs. A small file and scissors are useful additions if not on your multitool. A small selection of sand paper and Wet And Dry smooths off any rough edges.

Our choice of field repair tapes
  • Gorilla tape – general repairs.
  • Sail tape – fabric repairs.
  • Tenacious Tape – almost evereything, including inflatables.
  • Tear Aid – Type A for fabric and inflatables; Type B for vinyl windows.
  • Self amalgamating tape – electrical, pipes and reinforcing repairs on air connecting tubes.
Glues and patches
  • Glues and patches for fabric repairs.
  • Alcohol wipes to prepare a surface – clean off grease.
iTwo great products for DIY repairs

Two great products for DIY jobs and repairs. Sugru is a rubber compound that can be moulded and then sets. The plastic melts at a low temperature (hot water), enabling it to be moulded before setting as it cools — I wish I could remember where I got this from!

Whipping twine, waxed cord and needles

Whipping twine, waxed cord and needles take care of most repairs ranging from split poles to fabric holes. My home kit includes sail maker needles and palm for bigger, more permanent jobs.

Clingons and eyelets  Guys, cord runners and pegging elastics

Clingons help repair eyelets and, when used with Cam cleats and the spare guys, help rig and set a tarps.

A good selection of guys, cord runners and pegging elastic/rubbers.

Outwell Water Guard Various sprays take care of cleaning, DWR replacement and seams.

I add items like batteries and spare mantles and regulators depending on camping gear used.

Batteries and spare mantles  Packing your repair kit

All pack neatly into a small box ready for action. The yellow lid stands out amongst the camping kit.