Pitching - Tent Peg Guide

You may have the best car in the world but it will only be as good as its tyres.

Outwell Tent Peg Guide 

The same goes for a tent. To keep it firmly on the ground it needs to be fully pitched correctly using the right pegs for the job so build up a collection of pegs to meet all ground and weather conditions.


Outwell Tent Peg Skewer with Hook

Skewer – Use for footprint and groundsheet

Wooden Tent Peg

Wood – Four big wooden stakes are great for main guys in soft conditions

Outwell Guyline Peg Plastic

Plastic – Long for main and side guys, shorter for tent walls, ideal for soft to medium conditions with few stones

Outwell Anchor Steel Tent Peg

Metal – Use for any pegging point when on medium to hard ground but V-profile perfect for main guys and U-profile for general guylines

Outwell Tent Peg Tarzan Rock

Tarzan rock pegs – Nail that stony ground

 Delta Nylon Tent Peg
Delta Nylon – All-weather security and perfect for side guys (Image Delta Stainless)

Delta Stainless Steel Tent Peg

Delta Stainless – All-weather security for main guys

Delta Rock Tent Peg with Tarzan Peg  Rock Tent Peg

Delta Rocks – Designed to secure guylines with rock pegs to provide all-weather security on stony ground


  1. Ask the site owners what pegs they would recommend using on their site
  2. Always fully peg out a tent in case the weather suddenly turns
  3. Always use a mallet to hammer in pegs to prevent accidents
  4. Always use a peg extractor to remove pegs to prevent accidents and damage
  5. Clean and repair your pegs when you get back. Replace any missing and store separate to avoid potential damage to the tent fabric.

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