Système Outwell Wind Stabilizer

14. mars 2016

We have launched many innovative features over the years – and continue to do so. And many can now be found as industry standards across the marketplace. However, one key development remains purely an Outwell feature to the benefit of all Outwell campers finding themselves facing stormy weather.

Outwell® Wind Stabilizer System

Continual research and development by Outwell has led to making the market’s most stable family tents even better. Introduced in 2011, our patented OWS System (Outwell Wind Stabilizer System) continues to prove itself the best system yet for keeping a tent structure stable in the most adverse weather conditions.

A key development in the camping timeline, our Wind Stabilizer System uses strong hook and loop fastening system as a direct attachment point for the flysheet and tent pole. We know it’s the best for keeping the whole tent stable whatever the weather. We’ve proved it in the windiest test conditions, for example, using our very own wind simulator to show our tents can stand up to conditions high on the Beaufort Scale.


We’re determined to keep proving ourselves, and our programme of constant evaluation ensures we’re the best. And where our Outwell Wind Stabilizer System is used you’ll find the tent’s Beaufort rating listed amongst its feature icons.


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