Hornet 6SA Awning

PVC: 899,95 €
Matching the appearance and fabric of the main tent, the smart Hornet 6SA awning adds space and versatility by being simply inflated and attached tightly for a secure, waterproof connection. The Gothic-style design with pre-angled tubes ensures reliable stability and ample headroom whilst the Panorama front and tinted windows complement the tent’s classic style.
Caractéristiques techniques
Type de tente: Awning
Hydrostatique: 6000 mm
Double toit: Outtex® 6000 (100% polyester Oxford) with taped seams
Boudins gonflables: Integrated Advanced Air Tube System frame for best performance.
Pression maximale: 7 psi/0.5 bar
Tapis de sol: Double-coated 100% polyethylene, 10,000 mm hydrostatic head
Mode de montage: In one
Dimensions, plié: 32 x 75 cm
Poids: 13.7 kg