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How to attach an Outwell Awning to a Vehicle?

Outwell drive-away awnings can be connected to the majority of motorhomes, MPVs and vans in numerous ways for ease of use and ultimate convenience.

Connect with hook and loop
Allows an awning to be quickly and simply attached to convenient points on the vehicle, like roof bars.

Connect with guyline
Awnings can be connected using guylines thrown over the vehicle roof and attached to convenient points or pegged out.

Connect with Suction Cup
Highly efficient suction cups quickly and easily clamp to the vehicle and act as sturdy, secure attachment points.
Connect to rail
The beaded edge of an awning can be simply inserted and fed through an existing C-rail if intending to leave the vehicle with the awning during the stay.
Connect with Outwell Magnetic Band Connecter
A magnetised strip in the Magnetic Band Connector attaches to the unit and creates a channel in which to slide the awning or Outwell Touring Connect Set.
Connect with Outwell Touring Connect Set

Comprises double edge beaded tape and Figure of 8 strip to enable quick and convenient detachment of the vehicle when leaving the awning on site. Also for use with a gutter rail.

I have a claim - who should I contact?

We do not sell directly to private customers and warranty issues are to be handled by the dealer (Sales of Goods Act). We therefore kindly ask you to contact the Outwell dealer where you have bought the product. They will then be able to advise you further.

Where can I see a specific tent on display?

Unfortunately we are unable to record which tents can be seen on display at shops around the country for this is decided by individual dealers and may well change throughout the season.

Your nearest dealer can be located through our website's search facility and we can only advise that they be contacted to see if they have the specific tent erected. Click here to find our dealers. 

Alternatively, you can see upcoming tent shows in our tent show calendar here 

It may also be worth contacting unofficial Outwell fan groups on Facebook. Members will often know what is on show locally to them. A list can be found here:


I need a spare part, where can I order it?

Your nearest Outwell dealer will be able to order up spares if they do not have them in stock. Unfortunately our dealers are not obligated to sell spares but most of our dealers do this to give that extra service. You can locate your nearest dealer on our website's search facility. 

Before you contact you dealer you need to find the production year of your tent. You will find a label normally located in the right hand bedroom. At the bottom right of the label you will find something similar to ‘O/A 15’. In this case it means the tent was produced in 2015.

If the Outwell dealer can't help you we recommend that you contact our repair agent www.scottishmountaingear.com or www.tentreparaties.nl

Where can I buy a specific product?

Please go to the product webpage of the product that you would like to buy and click on the button "Find your nearest Outwell Dealers here".

You will then get a list showing dealers who have bought products in this collection of tents. Unfortunately we do not know if they have it in stock, but please try to contact the dealer. 

If it regards an older model we recommend that you try to search for it on the internet.

Click here to go to our Outwell product page

We hope that this has helped answer your question. If we can be of further assistance please contact us here.


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