Camper Supreme

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Verkoop adviesprijs: 119,95 €
With its polycotton outer, striped soft lining and Isofill insulation, performance, comfort, style and flair come together. This Camper Supreme bag feature a built-in pillow and a zip-off hood – very useful when single bags are zipped together or used as a duvet.
Technische specificaties
Afmeting: 235 x 90 cm (LxW)
Seizoen: 4
Lichaamslengte: 200 cm
Slaapzak vorm: Rectangular
Buitenstof: Polycotton (20% cotton / 80% polyester)
Vulling: 2200 g Isofill
Voering: Cotton flannel 100% cotton
Afm. (opgevouwen): 48 x 46 x 27 cm
Rits: 2 way open - auto lock, L-shape
Opbouw: Two layer offset
Gewicht: 3000 g
Temp (Tcomfort) vrouw: -3
Temp (Tlimit) mann: -9
Temp (Textreme): -28
Temp (Tmax): 21
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