FAQ - Luchtbedden en matten

Why does my airbed deflate during the night?

It is very common for flocks and air beds to become soft over night. This is normally due to temperature change – as the air inside a flock/ airbed cools it ‘shrinks’. Likewise, air inside a flock/airbed will expand as it heats up during the day.  

However, if a flock/airbed is completely deflated then please contact your retailer to discuss warranty procedure or repair.  

You are also able to repair it yourself with our repair kit - see here

Where can I buy a specific product?

Please go to the product webpage of the product that you would like to buy and click on the button "Find your nearest Outwell Dealers here".

You will then get a list showing dealers who have bought products in this collection of tents. Unfortunately we do not know if they have it in stock, but please try to contact the dealer. 

If it regards an older model we recommend that you try to search for it on the internet.

Click here to go to our Outwell product page

My new self-inflating mat will not inflate?

A new self-inflating mat has been packed for an extended period so you may need to blow into it a few times to ‘reactivate’ the compressed foam core.

I have a claim - who should I contact?

We do not sell directly to private customers and warranty issues are to be handled by the dealer (Sales of Goods Act). We therefore kindly ask you to contact the Outwell dealer where you have bought the product. They will then be able to advise you further.

We hope that this has helped answer your question. If we can be of further assistance please contact us here.


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