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Meet Lasse Lindstrøm, Industrial Designer for Outwell

Lasse Lindstrøm

What is your background and what is your function?
I have a bachelor engineering degree in Integrated Design and I have a love for multifunctionality, board games and woodworking. My function is to design and develop tents and tent accessories.

What tendencies do you see within your area going forward?
Sustainability – The state of our planet gets more and more attention and people are seeking out in-to-wild-experiences 

What makes Scandinavian design good?
That the aesthetics lies in the craftsmanship and the cultural heritage stands strongly but subtle

What makes the Outdoor Industry interesting?
Everything is no-nonsense. There is always room for good ideas but not for gimmicks – So if you want to try something new it should it be thought out and add value to the product. So seen from a design engineer’s perspective it is the perfect challenge