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Relax in style, wherever you are.

Discover comfortable and functional camping furniture that’s easy to set up and pack away. The right inflatable and folding furniture can really make your tent feel like home. Get instant comfort on the go with easy chairs, armchairs and sun loungers. Find your perfect camping table, and add storage with wardrobes. Plus, there are ultra-lightweight options for short breaks.


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Find your perfect camping furniture

Kit yourself out with brilliant camping furniture that lets you bring home comforts to the campsite. 
Lightweight, practical and oh-so comfortable, camping furniture can make the difference between a good holiday and a great holiday. Yes, you can get by without it, much in the same way as you can get by at home without a sofa. The question is - would you want to?

Furniture for camping has come on in leaps and bounds over the past few years, offering a wide range of solutions for every camping adventure. Travelling light? No problem, there’s folding chairs that won’t weigh you down. Want a glamping experience? Sink into comfort on inflatable sofas and cosy easy chairs. Cooking at the campsite every night? Bring along your own mobile kitchen. 

With so much choice, you’ll find everything you need to really kick back and relax at the campsite. Unsure where to start? Here’s our guide to Outwell camping furniture.

Camping chairs
Best for: all camping holidays, festivals, in the garden, at the beach
A chair is your number one piece of camping furniture. There’s nothing quite like relaxing outside from the comfort of a camping chair, your preferred drink nestled inside the holder on the armrest. It’s what outdoor living is all about. It’s also a lot warmer than sitting on the floor. Wherever you’re heading, there’s a camping chair to suit your needs, from the ultra comfy to the ultra light. For longer holidays, add instant comfort with inflatable sofas and cosy easy chairs. For weekend breaks, combine your dining and easy chair in one with a high back reclining camping chair. For festivals, trekking or the beach, try a portable ‘carry chair’ or a lighter than light folding chair.

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Camping tables
Best for: family camping holidays, weekend breaks, in the garden
Another camper furniture essential, a camping table will be used by the whole family - and not just at mealtimes. A camping table is your children’s play table, your kitchen worktop for preparing food, somewhere to rest drinks, and much more. Highly portable, this fold up furniture is lightweight, easy to carry yet stable when opened. Available in a range of sizes, choose one that is big enough for the whole family to sit round. Picnic tables offer table and chairs in one and are a great space saver option. 

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Inflatable camping furniture
Best for: glamping, long family holidays, in the garden
If you’re looking for glamping furniture, an inflatable sofa or armchair will pump up your comfort levels and bring the ultimate relaxation to outdoor events. There are sofas big enough for the whole family, armchairs to curl up in, and ottomans that you can use as a table or footrest. Quick and easy to blow up, many of the options have in-built pumps to make inflation even easier. 

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Kitchen tables and worktops
Best for: long family holidays, glamping
Want to make campsite cooking as easy and hassle-free as possible? Then you need a kitchen worktop table. This innovative tent furniture gives you a mobile kitchen that you can take anywhere. Ideal for preparing and cooking food, all models provide a handy worktop surface and kitchen storage, which you can use for cookware and dry food. Many include windshields, which are indispensable in windy weather. These can also be purchased separately. Other handy features include space for a washing bowl or rubbish bin and utensil hooks. Outwell kitchen tables fold down into a compact packsize for easy carrying to and from your tent.

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Camping cupboards and wardrobes
Best for: long family holidays, glamping 
Fed up of a messy tent? Get organised with smart tent storage solutions. This handy range of foldaway furniture includes portable cupboards and wardrobes with removable shelves and lots of space to hang your clothes. So you not only achieve a tidy tent, you’ll also keep your outfits easily accessible and crease-free.

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Baskets and organisers 
Best for: long family holidays, weekend breaks, glamping, picnics 
Add a handy basket or organiser to your camping furniture checklist and get a big helping hand in a small packsize. Great for every outdoor occasion, folding camping baskets can be used for picnics, storing food, carrying your wash stuff and more. Storage boxes are ideal for keeping smaller essentials, like your torch and first aid kit, in easy reach – or use them as a kids’ toy box. Laundry baskets are brilliant on longer holidays. All baskets and organisers fold down to a small, compact size and are easy to transport.

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Camping beds
Best for: every camping trip, sunbathing in the garden, as a spare guest bed at home
A versatile piece of folding outdoor furniture, a camping bed can be used in the daytime as a sun lounger and at night as a comfy bed. Our range includes double camping beds, reclining models and padded beds. 

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Best for: your garden, long family holidays, glamping, festivals
Folding furniture doesn’t get more relaxing than a comfy hammock. Especially one that comes with its own durable steel frame, so you don’t even need to hang it up. Simply unfold and unwind. It’s what getting away from the rat race is all about.

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Best for: every camping holiday, beach trips, days out
Got a lot of kit? With a transporter, moving your gear from car to tent or car to beach has never been easier. This handy foldable furniture can easily handle heavy loads and has off-road wheels for tackling uneven ground. 

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Where to buy Outwell camping furniture
View Outwell camping furniture before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

Prefer to buy furniture online? You can contact our customer service team for support at anytime before or after purchasing your camping furniture.