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Folding chairs

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Folding chair buying guide

Are you sitting comfortably? Take the weight off your feet wherever you are with a fantastic fold up camping chair. A great folding chair can really make all the difference to your trip, giving you a comfy place to rest, relax, eat, drink and play.

From cosy armchair styles to ergonomic models with extra back support, we have the perfect foldable chairs to keep you comfortable in the great outdoors.

Benefits of Outwell folding chairs

Folding chairs are ideal for camping, festivals, day trips, trekking, outdoor events, at the park, in the garden or anytime you want to rest your legs!

  • Instant comfort on the go
  • Fold flat in seconds
  • Easy to carry and store
  • Can be used anywhere
  • Lightweight and durable
  • More luxurious models weigh more
  • No assembly required
  • Wide choice of style and design
  • Outwell fold up chairs are easy to clean

Choosing the right fold up chair

Not sure which is the best folding chair for you? This handy guide should help.

Best for comfort-seekers

Circle or moon chairs are ideal for curling up with a good book

For luxurious comfort anywhere, sink into a half moon chair. Also known as a circle chair, these comfortable folding chairs’ unique shape gives you extra space to snuggle up in. So you can really nestle into the chair and relax wherever you are. There’s room to curl your feet under yourself and create a cosy reading nook. Just add a good book and relax. Outwell half moon chairs are padded for extra soft, comfort. The larger models give you even more room to stretch out. 


Budget - Moon Chair - see it here

Extra space - Casilda chair - see it here

Splurge - Kentucky Large circle chair - see - see it here  

Best for families

Snuggle up together on a cosy folding sofa

Bring home comforts to your camping trips with an amazingly comfortable folding sofa. These brilliant camping sofa chairs offer the perfect spot for chilling out with the family. Opening and folding in seconds, Outwell foldable sofas are ready whenever you are. And fold up to a surprisingly small packsize. Choose one with a cosy padding for extra comfort.


Budget - Catamarca Sofa Black double camping chair - see it here

Splurge - Sardis Lake padded folding sofa - see it here

Best for supporting your back

Go for a padded folding chair with a higher backrest and lumbar support

After an active day, rest happy on a folding chair that is specially designed to support you in all the right places. The padded Outwell Kielder ergonomic folding chair has lumbar support, height adjustable armrests and a neck rest to give tailored comfort.  The Outwell Derwent fold away chair has cushioning in the back and neck rest to support the spine. While the Outwell Goya canvas folding chair ensures campers sit more upright.


Budget - Goya foldable chair - see it here

Mid range - Derwent fold up chair - see it here 

Splurge - Kielder black folding chair - see it here

Best for dining and relaxing

Choose a reclining foldable chair that lets you find your most comfortable angle

Ideal for the campsite or garden, reclining fold away chairs let you quickly adjust the angle of the back rest. So you can have it upright for eating, then sit back and recline it for lounging in the sunshine. These comfortable folding chairs come in a choice of upholstery, from soft, cosy padding to more practical, wipe clean styles.


Budget - Ullswater fold up chair with 3 reclining positions - see it here 

Splurge - Lomond folding camping chair with 5 reclining positions - see it here 

Best for ultimate luxury

Feel at home anywhere with a deluxe padded folding chair

Want some creature comforts on the campsite? Sink into happiness with a sumptuous and deluxe padded folding chair. Providing support and comfort in all the right places, our ultra comfy folding armchairs will envelope you in soft cushioning. Providing the perfect place to relax in the end of the day. Outwell models fold flat and have surprisingly small packsizes for easier carrying and storage.


Budget - Seneca Lake folding egg chair - see it here

Splurge - Grenada Lake folding arm chair - see it here

Best for travelling light

You need a compact folding chair that’s lighter than light

Keep your packsize to a minimum with a compact folding chair that’s easy to carry and comfortable to sit on. A classic canvas folding chair is ideal. These offer everything you for easy seating at the campsite - a comfy, wipe clean seat, arm rest and strong, supportive frame. They usually include a cup holder for your drinks too.

Budget - Catamarca Black folding chair - weighs 3kg - see it here

Splurge - Catamarca XL Claret fold up chair - weighs 4.1kg - see it here

Best children’s camping chair

Keep younger campers happy with a junior model

Perfectly proportioned for children, junior folding chairs offer kids they own comfy place to chill out and relax. Outwell kids folding chairs come with tilt prevention frames for safety.

See the Catamarca children’s camping chair with footrest here 

Best for the beach

Choose a lightweight folding beach chair for fun in the sun

Heading out for a day at the seaside? Relax in style on the sand with a folding beach chair.  A canvas folding chair is ideal as they’re light to carry and easy to clean. Outwell beach chairs are about as light as you can get, weighing a teeny tiny 100g. That’s less than a bottle of water. This is because the chair is simply a seat that rests directly on the sand, giving you instant back support for laidback beach lounging. When not in use, Outwell beach chairs fold flat and will fit into a beach bag.

See our Beach Chairs here

Best folding camping chairs in a bag

All Outwell folding chairs come with their own carry bag for easier transportation and storage.

Where to buy an Outwell folding chair

View Outwell fold away chairs before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 

Got a question we haven’t covered? We’re here to help
Prefer to buy your folding chair online? You can contact our customer service team for support before or after your Outwell purchase.