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Caravan Awnings

The easy way to double your living area. 

Need more space to dine, entertain, sleep or store kit? We’ve got you covered. Outwell awnings for caravans quickly inflate to give you the extra room you need. Packed with handy features, like full height ceilings, mesh ventilation and storage pockets, they make life easier and holidays better. Complete your caravan awning with an all season porch awning, sailshade, bedroom annex, carpet, footprint, roof insulation and more – and bring home comforts to every caravanning trip.  


Caravan Awnings
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Hello comfort! Discover the benefits of an Outwell caravan awning

Love the thrill of the open road and the wind in your hair. Relish the thought of waking up to birds singing, fresh air and nature all around you? Your caravan gives you the freedom to explore and go wherever the mood takes you. It’s a great way to bring the family closer together, discover hidden gems and follow your own adventures. But sometimes space in a caravan can feel a bit tight. Especially for growing families or larger groups of friends. This is where a caravan awning is indispensable. 

Awnings for caravans offer the ability to extend your living space, add extra bedrooms, tag on an all season caravan porch – and make your camping trip more comfortable and enjoyable. You’ll have room to relax, private areas to sleep in, and somewhere to store your kit. 

Outwell offer a wide selection of the best caravan awnings in the UK. These full inflatable caravan awnings are quick and easy to put up, pitching in seconds thanks to their smart air technology. Using airtubes to support the awning instead of traditional poles, our hassle-free, lightweight caravan awnings are also more secure in stormy weather. This is because they can flex with the wind. 

With a size and style to suit any need and budget, there’s something for every caravanning holiday. To view before you buy, visit one of the many Outwell dealerships across the UK. If you have any queries about Outwell caravan awnings, our customer service team will be happy to help.

Caravan awnings with sleeping annex
Holidaying with friends or older children? Sometimes a private sleeping area isn’t a nice to have, it’s essential. Which is why many Outwell caravan awnings include the option to add a sleeping annex. These quickly, easily and securely zip to the side of your caravan awning offering a private, comfortable bedroom. Whereas the caravan awning itself is designed as a living space with panoramic windows and fully opening fronts, the annex is a more peaceful affair. There are no windows so you can enjoy a great sleep and they are enhanced with smart ventilation to keep you comfortable throughout the night. As no one can see into the annex, you can also use it as a more secure caravan porch awning for storing bikes and kit. 

Our caravan awnings with optional sleep annex include the Outwell Ripple Annexe Sleep, Outwell Tide Annexe Sleep and Outwell Bay Annexe Sleep. The annexes sleep between two and three people and match the design and style of their corresponding awning. 

We also offer the Outwell Tide Annexe Air and Ripple Annexe Air. These flexible, windowed annexes let you add an extra room to your caravan awning. Use them as an additional living space, a caravan porch, play area, or to keep cooking smells out the main awning area.

A caravan awning for every adventure
Whether you’re heading to the UK or beyond, an all season caravan awning will make a huge difference to your caravanning holiday. Before you buy your caravan awning, consider what you need it for. Do you want space to relax and take in the view? Do you need somewhere to store kit or bikes? Are you looking to create a play area or somewhere to cook away from the elements? Do you want to add an extra bedroom? 

The general rule of camping is to only take what you need. So your answers to the above should be used as your caravan awning size guide. If space is paramount, it’s worth investing in a large caravan awning that will provide room for growing families and holidays with friends. Maximise space with the two room Outwell Reed 350SA, which comes with a main living area and air annexe. While the spacious Outwell Tide 440SA or Outwell Tide 500SA will give you room to stretch and make the most of every moment of your time away.

If you just need a large porch awning for storage, try the Outwell Tide 320SA, Outwell Ripple 320SA, Outwell Bay 320SA or Outwell Cove 340SA. These will give you somewhere to keep your bikes and kit, plus a little extra space for relaxing or cooking. These smaller caravan awnings also make a great space for children’s plays areas and can be made very cosy with carpets and roof insulation. Perfectly sized for smaller caravans, they are lightweight and flexible – making them a great investment for years to come.

Mid size options include the Outwell Tide 380SA, Outwell Ripple 380SA, Outwell Bay 380SA and Outwell Cove 400SA. Practical and airy, these are a flexible choice and work well on both long and short caravanning holidays. Use them for cooking, playing, relaxing, dining or storing kit.

Turn your caravan awning into a home, wherever you are
Just because you’re at a campsite doesn’t mean you have to rough it. Your caravan awning can be made to feel as cosy as home with the right trimmings. So kit out your caravan awning with some brilliant Outwell awning accessories and maximise comfort when you’re on the go.

First up is an awning footprint. These prolong the life of your awning, protecting it from dirt and wear and tear, and providing extra insulation. Next, enhance the comfort appeal with a soft and cosy awning carpet. These feel amazing underfoot, especially on chilly mornings. They also make it much more comfortable for children to play on the floor. 
If you’re worried about unpredictable weather, increase insulation and keep your Outwell awning cosier with a caravan awning roof lining. Tailored to fit Outwell caravan awnings, these are easy to fit and have hanging points for lanterns.
For summer holidays, get instant shade and sun protection with a sailshade. These easily toggle to your caravan, caravan awning or motorhome and are ideal for alfresco dining and relaxing safely outside.

Finally, make sure you pack all the little extras that will make your caravanning holiday run more smoothly. Essentials include: height adjustment discs for straightening your caravan awning on uneven ground, seal blocks to deal with any irregular caravan connection points, and draught skirts to seal off the area between the base of your caravan and the ground. Outwell draught skirts come with storage pockets and integrated mesh ventilation, which can be zipped or unzipped depending on the weather. Other handy accessories include mesh panel sets for extra ventilation and veranda poles for opening the top of the caravan awning and keeping the bottom closed.