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Air awnings

Add space in an instant with an inflatable caravan awning

Enjoy your holiday from the get-go with an easy-pitching Outwell air awning. Indispensable for a stop-and-go holiday, these brilliant inflatable caravan awnings quickly add extra space and can be adjusted to perfectly fit your vehicle. A choice of sizes, styles and fabrics keep everyone comfortable, whatever the weather. Great for caravan adventures in the UK and beyond.


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What is a caravan air awning?

Inflatable awnings for caravans are the quickest and easiest way to add extra space and home comforts to your caravan camping holidays. Also known as blow up caravan awnings or air tube caravan awnings, inflatable awnings have interconnected airtubes instead of traditional poles. This makes them much easier to pitch as all you need to do is simply connect a pump and watch the caravan awning blow up into shape. The best caravan air awnings inflate in seconds, quickly transforming into a spacious room, which you can securely connect to your caravan. This gives you more room on the campsite for sleeping, eating and relaxing. You can use the inflatable awning as an extra bedroom, extended living space or storage. Making them highly versatile for every type of camper from cyclists and trekkers to families and couples. 

There are lots of benefits of an air caravan awning. They take all the hard work and effort out of set up and take down, and are less likely to be damaged in bad weather. This is because they’re not static and can flex and move with the wind. Unlike traditional poles, there’s nothing that can be permanently damaged as any punctures can be easily repaired. Caravan air awnings are more expensive than their poled counterparts but last for years making them extremely affordable on a cost per use basis. But it’s the hassle-free advantages that attract people to switch to an inflatable caravan awning. Because holidays are precious and it’s worth making every moment count. Just make sure your holiday insurance reflects your new purchase.

Why get an Outwell caravan air awning?
Outwell offers a selection of the best inflatable caravan awnings in the UK. All made from high quality materials that are made to stand the test of time and rigours of outdoor life. Like Outtex® HD, which uses super strong, durable, fire-resistant materials to enhance performance and looks. Every Outwell air caravan awning comes with an air pump that makes short work of pitching and many have super fast inflation. This is a unique, rapid inflation system, which blows up the caravan awning via a single air inlet valve. 

Outwell inflatable awnings come in a choice of sizes, styles and budgets to suit every needs. At the top end, the Outwell Reed 350SA caravan inflatable awning offers plenty of space and special features for growing families. You can also add optional inners to create private bedrooms. Smaller models, like the Outwell Cove 400A can act as an extra room or an inflatable caravan porch awning for bikes and kit. Then there’s every thing in between for all your camping needs – and lots of handy features. Look out for height adjustment systems that let you change the height of your Outwell air awning. This ensures a secure fit against your vehicle even on bumpy ground. Removable sides and fronts let you fully open up the caravan awning to let the outside inside. Panoramic, tinted windows let you enjoy the view while retaining privacy. While reflective webbing helps prevent you tripping up guylines in the dark. 

With Outwell, your peace of mind always comes first. Which is why we have a dedicated customer service team to help with any queries after your purchase. Our inflatable caravan awnings are also available for viewing at camping dealerships across the UK so you can check them out before you buy.

How to pitch an Outwell air caravan awning
Outwell inflatable awnings are designed to take all the hassle out of pitching and are quick and easy to erect. Here’s what you need to do:

1. When you get to the campsite, take your Outwell caravan air awning out its carry bag and lay it flat on the ground

2. Choose whether you want to install the inflatable awning for your caravan as a whole or remove the front and sides to make the awning lighter and easier to handle

3. Attach the awning to your caravan before inflating – slide the awning’s beading all the way along the awning rail on your caravan 

4. Before inflating the airtubes, make sure the valve is in the closed position (the white pin in the middle of the inflation hole should be sticking out as far as possible). Watch ‘How to use a two way valve’ 

5. Attach the pump and inflate your caravan awning’s air tubes – this will take seconds

6. Once the caravan awning is fully inflated and the air tubes feel firm to touch, disconnect the pump and put the lid back on the valve

7. Zip on the front and side panels, if you removed them at the beginning

8. Make sure all panels are zipped closed before pegging out the corners – start by pegging the corners closest to the caravan

9. Peg the adjustor straps along the side of the inflatable awning – don’t pull these out, peg them straight down

10. Peg the storm guylines – don’t do these too tight, longer guylines are better and more secure

11. Go inside your Outwell inflatable awning to seal it to your caravan using the pole-free seal system – start by pegging the tension triangle under the caravan

12. Next, peg out the internal corners 

13. Attach the draught skirt, which runs from the bottom of your caravan to the ground

14. Finally, seal off the internal tubes in the smart air system by squeezing the clamps in the corners of the air tubes

Watch ‘How to pitch an Outwell air caravan awning’ 

Accessories for your Outwell inflatable caravan awning

Outwell has everything you need to kit out your air inflatable caravan awning. 

Footprints –insulate from the ground up and prolong the life your caravan air awning

Inners – quickly add private bedrooms to your Outwell Reed and Ripple inflatable caravan awnings

Roof lining – add extra insulation for a warmer caravan awning 

Carpets – just the thing for toasty toes on chilly mornings 

Sailshades – toggle these to your caravan awning for instant shade and UV protection

Annex – extend your caravan awning with an inflatable air porch annex

Accessories  for inflatable caravan awnings – get prepared with height adjustment discs, sealing blocks, draught skirts, mesh panels and more