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Air Motorhome Awnings

Get extra space in a flash.

Enjoy hassle-free touring holidays with an inflatable motorhome awning. Outwell blow up awnings are the easiest and quickest way to add a tent extension to your motorhome. Giving you more space for relaxing, cooking, dining, sleeping or storage. Easy to attach to your motorhome, these brilliant drive away awnings can be left freestanding so you can come and go as you please.

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Inflatable motorhome awning buying guide

What is an inflatable motorhome awning?
A drive away inflatable motorhome awning is essentially a tent that has an extra flap of canvas that attaches to your motorhome. This creates a waterproof seal between the two. Because it’s inflatable, the awning uses an air tube frame instead of traditional poles, which makes it quicker and easier to pitch. It’s also known as a motorhome air awning, blow up awning or pop up awning. 

Pros of an inflatable motorhome awning
Air awnings for motorhomes are brilliant, handy and practical. Here are the top benefits:

Ultra easy pitching
It takes just seconds to pitch a motorhome air awning and it’s superfast to take down too!
No poles, no fuss, no hassle! Outwell inflatable awnings are the quickest and easiest way to add a tent extension to your motorhome. So you have more time to relax and make the most of your holiday.

Double your space in an instant
What will you do with the extra room?

Light, airy and spacious, an inflatable motorhome awning will give you lots of extra room for the whole family. Use it for dining, cooking, relaxing, bike storage or as a children’s play area, extra bedroom or even space for the dog. With a choice of sizes, Outwell has the best air awnings for motorhome touring, weekends away and longer holidays.

Freedom to explore 
Simply detach your air awning from your motorhome and leave it freestanding while you head out for the day.

Outwell motorhome air awnings easily and securely fit to the side of your vehicle by rails, guyropes or magnetic bands. This creates a waterproof seal between the tent extension and your motorhome so you can move from one to the other under cover. If you want to go out for the day in your motorhome, all you need to do is undo the attachment points and drive away. The tent part will stay upright, ready for your return.

More stability in bad weather
Air awnings can flex and move with the wind so are less likely to be damaged in stormy weather.

Unlike their poled counterparts, inflatable motorhome awnings have a flexible airframe, which can better handle windy weather. This is because the air tubes can sway with the weather. Poles on the other hand are naturally rigid and therefore more likely to be damaged or bent in a bad storm. 

Everything in one handy pack
Air awnings have an all-in-one design, which makes it easier to manage.

There’s no separate bag of poles. The air tube frame is integrated into the awning and each motorhome awning comes with an in-built groundsheet. So you don’t have to worry about forgetting an important piece of kit. 

Cons of an inflatable motorhome awning
Before you buy, it’s important to know all the facts. Here are some things to consider before purchasing a motorhome air awning:

They are heavier than poled awnings
This is due to the all-in-one design we mentioned earlier. Because the entire motorhome air awning is in one pack it makes it bulkier. You can’t split the different parts into separate bags to make it easier to carry, like you can with a poled awning. However, as the air awning usually only needs to be lifted out the motorhome when you arrive at the campsite, this isn’t often a problem.

They are more expensive than poled awnings
Inflatable motorhome awnings use the latest smart air technology to make them more convenient, faster pitching, easier to set up and more stable. Because of the extra costs involved in creating them, they are naturally going to be more expensive than poled awnings. But the increase in cost is offset by the ease of use and value gained. Your Outwell motorhome air awning is extremely durable, making a great investment for years to come.

Choose the right size inflatable awning for your motorhome
Outwell inflatable awnings come in two different heights to cater for shorter and taller motorhomes. To find out what height you need, first measure from the ground up to your motorhome’s gutter rail (also known as an awning rail). This is your attachment height.

Outwell motorhome air awning size guide  

I am looking for an inflatable awning for a smaller motorhome. My vehicle has high top conversion. I will need a size M with adjustable attachment height 245-265cm

I am looking for an inflatable awning for a taller motorhome. My vehicle is coachbuilt. I will need a size L with adjustable attachment height 265-285cm

Time to get comfy!
Kit out your drive away motorhome air awning with some home comforts that the whole family will love.

Carpets for cosy feet
Add instant comfort with an Outwell carpet. These are custom-made to fit Outwell motorhome air awnings and come with their own carry bag. Just the thing for cosy toes on chilly mornings and playing on the floor with the kids.

Shop motorhome awning carpets here

Roof linings for a toasty tent
A quick and easy way to make your motorhome awning warmer, roof linings add insulation and are essential in chilly weather. They come with a hanging point for a lantern for an at-home feel.

Shop motorhome awning roof linings here 

Camping furniture for the ultimate outdoor relaxation
Luxurious inflatable furniture, soft easy chairs, two seater sofas – the latest camping furniture will transform your inflatable motorhome awning into a comfortable space where you can truly relax. 

Shop camping furniture here

Lighting that lets you shine
Create a cosy ambience in your motorhome awning with colourful hanging lanterns, dimmer lights and nightlights. 

Shop lighting here

Tableware that adds a pop of colour
Make eating outside even more enjoyable with colourful and stylish melamine or bamboo tableware. 

Shop tableware here

Cooking equipment that lets you brew the perfect cuppa
Open up your motorhome air awning and watch the sunrise over the campsite with a freshly brewed cup of tea or coffee. It’s the perfect start to any day.

Shop cooking equipment here

Got a question about our motorhome air awnings? We’re here to help
You can view our inflatable motorhome awnings before you buy at one of our many dealerships across the UK. 
Or, contact our customer service team for support before or after your purchase.