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Dual Protector Nevada SP

Offering protection from bird mess and tree sap over the tent
£ 119.99
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Outtex® 3000 Silver Coated, UPF 50+ (100% polyester taffeta) with taped seams
1.7 kg
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An Outwell Dual Protector extends a tent’s life by reducing UV damage to the roof and acting as a barrier against contaminants like bird droppings and tree sap. It also reflects the sun's heat and keeps the tent cool if used silver side up or reversed to reveal the black surface that soaks up the sun to heat the tent. When used silver side up a broad, deep, roll-up/zip-off canopy matches the tent’s side door to create a sun porch when poled out. Upright steel poles not included. Please notice that on above photo the Dual Protector is fixed on a Denver 6.
Protects the tents from heat by shading the roof and allowing air to flow below the Protector
Protects the roof from bird droppings, liquids dropping from trees, UV rays, rain etc.
Silver side out reflects the sun for a cooler tent
Black side out warms up the tent in cooler weather and darkens tent interior for longer sleep
Can be used alongside a front awning or extension
UPF 50+ UV Protection
Zip-off, roll-away side extension poles out to create sun porch over tent side door when silver side is out