Return Christmas Gifts until January 30th 2019

Return Christmas Gifts until January 30th 2019

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Single parent camping

Looking for some quality time with just you and the kids? Single parent camping is great fun and hassle-free if you have the right equipment.

Go wild with the kids

Make solo camping trips with the kids all fun and games with easy-to-assemble equipment that you can set up on your own.

You want a lightweight, easy pitching tent, like the Woodville 3 or 4. These also have a porch area, which is great for muddy wellies. Air tents are the fastest and easiest to pitch, but weigh more.

Sleeping bags
For maximum warmth and comfort, sleeping bags need to be a close fit so it’s important to invest in junior sized sleeping bags for the kids. Self-inflating mats are easy to carry and set up.

Blankets are great for picnic-style meals, or try the Dawson Picnic table set, which comes with a table and four chairs that fold down into an easy-to-carry suitcase. 

Eating outside is all part of the camping experience and it’s likely you’ll be cooking at the campsite fairly often. The Jimbu stove is a portable, lightweight stove and grill in one, so you can toast and boil whatever you fancy.