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Meet our designers

What makes a great family tent? What do we need to ensure our camping holiday is a success? What do we look for in a good family camping brand?

As passionate campers these are just some of the questions we have often asked ourselves when searching for the right kit for our outdoor adventures. And the vast experience we have gained over these years has provided a deep understanding of family camping and a deeper desire to ensure everyone has an opportunity to enjoy outdoor living as much as we do.

This ensures Outwell innovation continues to set standards by creating products and features that change the face of family camping. We embrace our Danish culture and Scandinavian values to develop our marketleading, practical, quality products and those all-important features needed to enjoy quality time with friends and family in safety, comfort and style.

Our research and development team may work quietly behind the scenes but they sit firmly at the frontline when it comes to ensuring our continuing success.

Kirsten Mathiasen

Meet our designer - furniture and accessories

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Magnetic doors

Kitchen and storage furniture

Get inspired by our new storage and kitchen furniture with magnetic doors

Lasse Lindstrøm

Meet our designer - tents and awnings

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Mads Busk

Meet our designer - tents and awnings

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Outwell caravan awning

Caravan awnings

Discover a new wave of inflatable caravan awnings that are designed to make life easier and holidays better

Mark Jægum

Meet our designer - coolboxes and electrics

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Colibri sleeping bags

Sleeping bags

Combines the comfort of your duvet with the practicality of a sleeping bag

Olaf Bracht

Meet our designer - tents

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