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Meet Kirsten Mathiasen, Product Manager for Outwell

Camping furniture and accessories from Outwell

A love of camping took Kirsten from her Outwell marketing role into product development.

What is your background and what is your function?
I am a product manager which has been working with outdoor products for 8 years now – my background is actually within marketing and I have always had a large passion for the outdoors – I love going camping with my family during the summer spending time in nature whenever I get the chance.   

What tendencies do you see within your area going forward? 
There is an increasing focus on getting out there in nature – to disconnect from the busy life however not really wanting to compromise on comfort – so when we are looking into designing for example new chairs the focus is both on comfort, pack size, function and design – even though it is a chair you use in your tent it still needs to look good and function well. You could actually say this about all the products which I am working with.

What makes Scandinavian design good?
The simplicity in design and function!

What makes the Outdoor Industry interesting?
There is so much going on in the industry – new innovative products being introduced in to the market every year – but also lots is happening at the camp sites – looking into what campers actually bring when they go camping – you can get a lot of inspiration and new ideas by actually looking into how campers camp!