Return Christmas Gifts until January 30th 2019

Return Christmas Gifts until January 30th 2019

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Meet Mads Busk, Industrial Designer for Outwell

As a civil engineer and with the responsibility for tents and awnings, Mads loves clean, functional Scandinavian design where ‘everything has purpose’

What is your background and what is your function?
Civil engineer in Industrial Design, now responsible for tents and awnings. As part of the research and development team I focus on design and technical drawings and developing products and components

What tendencies do you see within your area going forward?
Air goes bigger, but people camping for whole seasons will probably still go for poles.

What makes Scandinavian design good?
Function and design – only whats necessary, the decoration on products are also functions.

What makes the Outdoor Industry interesting?
Working with giving people good holiday experiences, help them getting the most out of outdoors