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Meet Mark Jægum, Product Manager for Outwell

Mark is a true outdoors man who brings a personal insight gained from military experience and participation in numerous pursuits, to product development

What is your background and what is your function?
I work as a product developer and am specialized in accessories. My background is from the military background and working in Outdoorshops. I also have a personal interest in outdoor activity; kayaking, climbing, hiking, skiing to name a few.

What tendencies do you see within your area going forward?
There’s a tendency within electrical outdoor products, which means that the products – as all other electronic devices – changes rapidly. At the same time there is an increased interest in digital products – especially small products.

What makes Scandinavian design good?
It is known for being simple, timeless and functional.

What makes the Outdoor Industry interesting?
What makes our industry very interesting is that the technical functions and materials come to our industry first and will later spread out to other businesses as for example sports and clothes. A good example of this is Goretex, which was seen in the outdoor business and now is popular in many fashion products.