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Autumn camping

Make the most of the last few sunny days and enjoy a riot of colours at the campsite.

Family camping in select tent
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Make the most of the last few sunny days and enjoy a riot of colours at the campsite.

Camping doesn’t stop with summer

Autumn offers awesome outdoor experiences that you won’t find any other time of year.

The trees provide a blazing backdrop of reds, oranges and yellows. Darker evenings more mean more time for stargazing, sat snuggled round a campfire and wrapped in a fluffy blanket. 

You can spend the day going for long walks in the woods with the crunch of leaves underfoot, and return to the tent for a warming hot chocolate and family fun time. Pack lots of board games and puzzles! 

With autumn camping, you’ll avoid the summer crowds and enjoy a more peaceful break where you can really focus on spending time together. Packing the right gear is essential to a happy holiday so make sure you have everything you need to stay warm, dry and comfortable.

What you’ll need

Compact tents with a generous living space are ideal for short autumn breaks.
They’re easy to carry and pitch, but offer plenty of space for family fun, as you’re likely spending more time in the tent than usual. 

Sleeping bags
Colder nights need a warm sleeping bag. A 3 season sleeping bag will give you the extra insulation to stay toasty all night long. Mummy sleeping bags are best as they’re shaped to hug the body and prevent cold spots. 

Darker, cooler evenings means more time spent in the tent so kit yourself out with a few luxuries for added comfort. Armchairs or a sofa are great for snuggling. A dining table and chairs are essential for mealtimes, board games and other family activities. 

Worried about feeling the chill? Turn your tent into a warm, cosy haven with a Fuji heater, which hangs from the ceiling to provide light and heat in one. Add ambience with lanterns and strip lights. For safe cooking inside the tent, choose electrical kitchen cookers and equipment.