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Camping in the woods

Wake up in woodland wonderland and discover the joy of a sleeping under the trees.

Camping in the woods
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Wake up in woodland wonderland and discover the joy of a sleeping under the trees.

The woods are calling!

Enjoy the piece and quiet of hiding away in the woods.

Love idea of falling asleep in the heart of a forest, surrounded by trees with stars peeking through the canopy and the rustle of wildlife all around?

Woodland camping is an amazing way to embrace the great outdoors as it puts you at the centre of nature. 

You’ll wake up to bird’s singing overhead and the smell of the forest filling your soul. After breakfast beneath the boughs, you can set off by foot or bike to explore and perhaps spot a buzzard or deer.

At the end of the day, relax in your woodland grove with a drink of choice and meal cooked outdoors. Food simply tastes better this way.

Just one night under the trees is enough to recharge the batteries. So give in to the call of the woods and get ready for your forest adventure.   

What you’ll need

Your tent will mainly be used for sleeping as the tree canopy provides great shelter for a natural, outdoor living space. Go for a lightweight, compact tent that can fit between the trees. Make sure you have a comfortable bedroom and a small space for rainy days and storage.

Sleeping bags
Pack light with a compact Mummy sleeping bag. These fit the form of your body, stopping any pockets of cold air forming. Choose the right season rating for your trip. Then strap a small, thin self inflating mattress to the bottom of your bag and you’re ready to go.

Go rustic and use the trunks of trees for chairs and tables, or simply throw a blanket on the ground. If you’d prefer to sit above ground, a small folding stool and table is easy enough to carry into the woods and offers extra comfort for weary legs.

With no light pollution, things will get dark at night so bring lantern and torches to brighten up your tent after sunset. Use a cool bag to keep your food fresh and a small gas stove, like the Appetizer 1-burner, to cook dinner under the stars.