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Discover the hidden gems of your home country with a camping holiday that doesn’t cost the earth.

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Discover the hidden gems of your home country with a camping holiday that doesn’t cost the earth.

Beautiful destinations on your doorstep

Dramatic coastlines, picturesque villages, breathtaking scenery and secluded bays.

Your country is filled with beauty spots that are just waiting to be explored. So if a holiday with no jet lag or passport control sounds appealing, a staycation is the perfect retreat. 

Boasting a whole host of benefits, staycations are becoming increasingly popular and it’s easy to see why.

Depending on where you choose to go, you can be at your destination and enjoying your holiday in just a couple of hours. Making the most of every precious moment of your time away. 

With no flights and less fuel consumption, it’s a planet and purse-friendly choice. Simply invest in good equipment and you’ll be holiday-ready for many years to come.  

What you’ll need

Comfort is king so choose a roomy and robust family tent that will give you plenty of space to play, eat and sleep. Air tents are faster pitching, pole tents are lighter to carry. Heritage Montana 6PE is a family favourite and now features an extended version for even more stretching room. 

Sleeping bags
Choosing the right sleeping bag is essential. For summer, a lighter weight 1-2 season sleep bag will keep you warm without overheating. In spring or autumn, you’ll need the extra insulation of a soft and toasty 2-3 season sleeping bag. 

A great camping table is at the heart of your outdoor adventure. You’ll use it for eating, playing, food prep and more. Invest in one that’s big enough for all your needs. Add on chairs and storage you’ve got the basics covered. 

Every camping trip needs a trusty cool box for fresh food and drinks. The family-friendly ECOLux will hold all the essentials plus extra snacks, but is small enough for easy travels. Other must-haves include a small grill or BBQ, lanterns and lamps.