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Get a great night’s sleep thanks to new Outwell sleep comfort innovation

Sleep comfort is a key element to the enjoyment of a camping holiday, and 2021 sees innovations that enhance the performance and comfort levels of Outwell self-inflating mats (SIMs) to ensure you get an even better night’s sleep. These innovations apply three ranges of SIMs; Dreamboat, Dreamhaven, and Dreamcatcher. 

Updates include static side fabric on Dreamboat and Dreamhaven 3D models. The standard manufacturing process using stretch soft-on-skin polyester fabric involves gluing the top and bottom fabrics together. This requires around six meters of wide stretch side material that deforms under pressure in a similar way to a balloon. That means you overinflate a 3D SIM to get the necessary support, plus the right pressure is hard to obtain. 

Recharging the batteries with comfort is vital to make a happy holiday, so to solve this problem, Outwell has developed a new manufacturing technique. This enables a non-stretch material to be used alongside the stretch soft-on-skin polyester top fabric for extra comfort. It also ensures fast, easy inflation under less pressure to obtain comfortable support to the edge of the mat and quick and easy deflation when packing away.

Internal foam insulation also comes under scrutiny. The latest Dreamboat Foam Core Sculpting (pictured right) provides strengthened foam columns without curvature. This design provides extra comfort and stability to add to the versatility of its unique temperature regulating design. The Dreamhaven Horizontal Core Sculpting reduces bulks while enhancing insulation – especially by eliminating cold spots caused by vertical coring. Similar benefits are achieved in Dreamcatcher SIMs using wave-shape foam core with horizontal channels.

While the Dreamcatcher uses the time-proven Outwell AFC valve, the Dreamboat and Dreamhaven SIMs now feature Flat High-Flow (FHF) valves commended for Best Camping Innovation by Camping Magazine. These improve performance and are compatible with electric pumps. The FHF valve has been developed to address slow inflation/deflation speeds and make it easier to adjust firmness. Providing excellent airflow with the choice of one-way inflation through easy and simple operation. The slim internal and external profile enhances its durable, leak-proof performance. 
To use, open the valve cover to reveal the valve assembly that includes a diaphragm disc with a central shaft. Push the shaft down to fully open the valve for the two-way free flow of air. This provides superfast and carefree inflation and deflation. Pull the central shaft up to re-seat the diaphragm disc. Air can only be blown into the airbed or SIM in this one-way position making it perfect for effortless inflation and fine-tuning firmness.

Outwell SIMs provide a wide variety of thicknesses and sizes to suit all needs – including Dreamcatchers designed to fit Outwell tent bedrooms and the new VW California campervan beds. All are PFC-free, and the 3D models have delamination-proof TPU construction for extreme durability. 

So pack your bags for new adventures, and wake up fresh and well-rested with a good SIM from Outwell to keep you warm and comfortable through the night.