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Great new Outwell Superior Air tents bring even more innovation to family camping

The outstanding new Outwell Superior Air Collection of inflatable family tents builds on our Scandinavian record of innovation, top design and superb quality with the introduction of new features that improve the outdoor experience.

The six-model collection comprises Roseville 4SA and Roseville 6SA, Airville 4SA and Airville 6SA, and Lakeville 5SA and Lakeville 7SA to provide a choice of sizes and floorplans. 

All include the new highly acclaimed Quick & Quiet inner doors that magnetically seal for silent fuss-free access. Innovation continues with the Outwell HookTrack System that allows lights and small items to be positioned where required. Airville models also include the new versatile Wing Lounge that increases living space without increasing the length of the tent while Roseville tents feature a moveable front panel to allow space utilisation options that include full secure privacy, huge porch, or totally open to bring the outside in.

The Collection is epitomised by the best-selling Airville 6SA. Like all Superior Air tents, it uses the superlative Outtex® 6000 Pro fabric and Outwell Power Air System to ensure performance and fuss-free pitching. Pitching is further simplified with the addition of the Outwell Floating Guyline and Easy Pegging Systems, with stability in high winds enhanced by web storm straps. All ensure a correctly pitched Superior Air tent can withstand a Force 10 storm.

Safety is a priority and luminous guys can be easily seen in poor conditions and at night to help prevent accidental tripping. And hazards are further reduced by the Easy Access System that drops the groundsheet to the ground at the D-shape doors that can be safely tucked and folded to one side with the corresponding anti-bug mesh panels when not in use.

The Airville 6SA offers the popular three-zone style that provides an enclosed front area for sheltered outdoor living, food preparation and storage, a central living area and rear 3x3 configuration bedroom. Inside, space and height are maximised by the Gothic-style, pre-shaped tubes and this is further increased in Airville models by the new Wing Lounge. This provides an area in which to relax or boost dining space by extending the living area sideways. The ability to fully open its front panel for maximum exposure to the sun brings the outside in.

Both the front zone and living area benefit from the neat new Outwell HookTrack System that extends convenience with discreet rails for running the wires of suspended lighting plus securing hanging point hooks. An optional Tent Hanging System provides additional hanging options by supplying additional hooks and a cord to link HookTrack rails.

Ventilation is provided by the Rear Ventilation System and cowl-protected side mesh ventilation panels. These are positioned at the bottom of the windows to improve views out of the tinted windows that protect from the sun’s UV light and glare as well as offering a high degree of privacy enhanced by zip-up curtains.

Superior Air tents feature Ambassador Master Bedrooms, darkened to reduce light for a good night’s sleep. New this year are the Quick & Quiet inner doors that allow you to quietly slip through and automatically close behind you thanks to sewn-in magnetic strips. The bedrooms provide a luxurious amount of space and headroom, allowing easier movement and the opportunity to use furniture such as bedside tables. The provision of a bedroom cable port means the electric hook-up can be used to power home comforts like lights, tablets and more.

Optional extras include a Universal Extension to provide protected outdoor living. Footprints and carpets provide extra protection, comfort and easy maintenance.



Outwell Power Air System

This simple to understand system features individual air tubes inflated separately for easy pitching.
Aerodynamic Storm Protection – The aerodynamic shape of the tent ensures a stable pitch. Wind tested against the Beaufort Scale to storm Force 10.

Quick & Quiet inner doors

Magnetic strips sewn into the leading edge of the inner doors and the inner’s central dividing strip allow quick and quiet bedroom entry and exit with the option of zips for a more secure closure when required.

Outwell HookTrack System

Our all-new Outwell HookTrack System is a smart, yet simple innovation designed to deliver safety and convenience that is reliable in function and easy to use. It allows lights to be positioned where needed, routing wires securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, our optional Tent Hanging System lines and clips provide a means to suspend lighter items, like cloths, for additional versatility.

Outwell Easy Access System with Mesh

Main doors and corresponding mesh panels fold to one side and the groundsheet lies flush to the ground for safe, easy access.

Outwell Easy Pegging System

This is the proven way to ensure the right pegs are used for the right job. Simple, but highly effective, three types of pegs are used to anchor specific areas of the tent.

Outwell Floating Guyline System

Designed for optimum support from one peg for easy pitching, the lower half are highly visible to help prevent tripping while the darker upper half provides the illusion of the luminous section floating above the ground.

Rear Ventilation System

The latest sleek profile rear ventilation system for enhanced airflow and easy adjustment.

Tinted Windows

Special coating protects against the sun’s glare and provides privacy while maintaining great views out.

Outwell Sewn-in Ground System

The full groundsheet is sealed to the outer to keep out water, draughts and insects.

Outwell Sleep Comfort Rating

To aid market comparison we quote the number of people that an Outwell bedroom can sleep as stated by the industry standard. However, we also quote our own Sleep Comfort rating to recommend the number of campers that it can sleep comfortably.

Outwell Ambassador Bedroom

Campers have long complained that the minimum tent bedroom size of 200cm long x 60cm wide as laid down by the official standard DIN 112-02-01 AA was just too small. While Outwell complied with the standard to assist campers compare products, the brand also acknowledged that more space in the bedroom was needed and for years has suggested, through its Outwell Sleep Comfort icon, a realistic number of campers an inner could accommodate based on 70cm-80cm per person. As part of ongoing evolution, we introduce the Ambassador bedroom with a leading 230cm depth and dark finish reduces light entering the bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep while cable entry brings power to the bedside. Incorporates the new Quick & Quiet doors.