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New Outwell inflatable motorhome awnings offer unique features

Outwell has refined our inflatable drive-away awnings with a new Superior Air Touring Collection and new models and features added to the popular Air Cruising range to complement our range of ‘static’ inflatable Nordic Shore Motorhome awnings introduced last year for larger motorhomes, like coachbuilts, where fixed easy-to-erect living space takes precedence over the ability to drive away.
For fast, easy erection, the new Superior Air Touring Collection uses the Outwell Power Air System comprising durable separate tube technology with extra stability provided by an extra apex tube.
Superlative weather protection is enhanced by the market-leading embossed Outtex 6000 Pro fabric – a high quality polyester developed and made exclusively for Outwell to cope with the rigours of outdoor life – with wind and rain performance guaranteed through exhaustive tests in the company’s in-house facilities.

The wide selection of floorplans and sizes ensure choice to match campervans and motorhomes, with common Outwell market-leading features including the new HookTrack System that allows lights and drying lines to be positioned where required.

Key to convenience is the unique Link Access Zone – a separate connecting area accessed by side doors in poor weather to keep mud and water out of the unit and awning. Unique to Outwell drive-aways the Link Access Zone includes a removable groundsheet that’s extended to cover the gap below the vehicle to keep out draughts.

Flexible access is further enhanced by the four-way zip that tailors the front entrance to suit needs. These can be opened in a variety of positions, including closed, part open in ‘Veranda’ position, fully open or zipped off and removed completely to let the outside in. Full mesh screen behind is provided for insect-free ventilation. Air flow is further improved by vents positioned under the large windows that are tinted throughout for privacy and UV-protection while maintaining great views out.

Models comprise Parkville 200SA; Parkville 200SA Tall; Parkville 200SA Xtra Tall; Parkville 260SA; Jonesville 290SA and Jonesville 440SA. The Jonesville models have captured imagination with their pitched position in parallel alongside the vehicle for a smaller footprint. The ability to move the Link Access Zone to either side door provides the opportunity to position the unit for the best views and ease of access to suit more awkward pitches. Versatility extends to the front door panel that can be moved back to extend porch, or moved forward to add living space, or removed completely.


The Air Cruising Collection evolves popular models to reduce packed size and weight while maintaining quality and performance to provide even more choice that’s perfect for shorter stays and smaller pitches. The simple yet highly effective stable Rigid Air System frame helps shed up to
Force 8 winds and works with the upgraded Outtex® 4000 Select fabric to provide excellent weather-beating performance. Large tinted windows providing great views out while offering UV-resistance and privacy.

These simpler models include the Blossburg 380 Air that, like the Jonesville, pitches parallel to either side of the unit thanks to the removable Link Access Zone. Its deep front canopy extends protected outdoor living space no matter the weather.

Outwell motorhome awnings enjoy a model-dependent list of optional extras that include carpets and footprints to raise underfoot comfort levels and protection and a choice of digital electric pumps is available to replace the supplied high-capacity manual pump to further take the stress out of pitching. Inner tents for guest bedrooms and storage are available for the Parkville 260SA, Jonesville models, Milestone Dash Air, Milestone Shade Air, Newburg models and the Blossburg 380 Air. 


Outwell Integrated Advanced Air System (Nordic Shore)

This Smart Air tube category features the time-proven One-go Inflation Technology that allows the camper to plug the supplied high capacity manual pump, or optional Outwell electric tent pump, into a single inlet valve and inflate the largest of tents in next to no time – no moving the pump between individual air tubes. A manometer on the pump ensures the correct pressure. The simple-to-erect and highly effective frame links pre-angled uprights via an apex tube that also acts as a ridge pole for increased rigidity. In the unlikely event of damage, each individual upright assembly can be isolated using valves to prevent the frame from fully deflating and to facilitate easy repair. All the air outlet valves can be opened to rapidly deflate the tent for packing. The pre-angled uprights create extra head height and enhance wind performance.

Outwell Power Air System (Superior Air)

This stress-free inflation system takes the strain out of setting up an awning. Each tough tube is quickly inflated or deflated by its own easy-to-use valve using the supplied high capacity manual pump, or optional Outwell electric tent pump. A separate apex tube is inflated and placed manually to enhance stability and performance in high winds.

Outwell Rigid Air System (Air Cruising)

This simple to understand system features individual air tubes inflated separately for easy pitching.
Outwell Link Access Zone System − Extra weather protection is provided by the D-shaped side doors of the Easy Access System that open onto the space created between the vehicle and awning, providing an access area to keep water and mud out of the living areas. The Outwell Link Access Zone System provides a valance to close the gap between the vehicle and the ground and works with the awning’s groundsheet to keep the access area dry and draught-free. Magnetic connection now provides an even tighter seal.

Outwell Easy Pegging System

This is the proven way to ensure the right pegs are used for the right purpose. Simple, but highly effective, three types of pegs are used to anchor specific areas of the awning. Smart Air Only.
Outwell Foamed Poled Sealing System (Nordic Shore) – This holds the variable length steel support pole in place using a foam-pad-cushioned pole sleeve with soft anti-scratch rear face fabric to ensure a tight, secure seal against the unit without risk of damage.

Outwell Height Adjustment System (Nordic Shore)

This overcomes the problem of levelling an inflatable awning on an uneven pitch by using EVA discs to tailor the height of each air tubes.

Outwell Roof Tube Adjustment Socket (Nordic Shore)

The easy, secure adjustment of the sturdy inflatable tubes of our motorhome awnings is designed to adapt to variations in the distances between the awning beading and the side of the vehicle, leaving no gaps, cutting out draughts and reducing the risk of damage.

Outwell HookTrack System

Our ingenious all-new Outwell HookTrack System is a smart, yet simple innovation designed to deliver safety and convenience that is reliable in function and easy to use. It allows lights to be positioned where needed, routing wires securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, our optional Hanging System lines and clips provide a means to suspend lighter items, like cloths, for additional versatility.

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