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New Outwell transporter makes load carrying easy

Let an Outwell Transporter take the strain out of moving those heavy or cumbersome items needed to enjoy outdoor life to the full.

These handy trolleys are perfect for hauling tents between car and pitch, moving chairs and children’s toys to the beach, or even fetching shopping from the campsite shop.

Award-winning innovative family camping brand, Outwell, understands the difficulties and potential risk of injury in carrying bulky, heavy equipment and has designed the Transporter to minimise effort expended – after all, you are on holiday.

The easy-rolling Outwell Transporter Range delivers the family goods on campsites with sturdy wheels and handles for easy manoeuvring. With the growth of car-free pitches, moving tents and gear could be demanding but not with our versatile solutions for easy transport.

This year sees the Anaho Transporter join the existing and improved Cancun, Maya and Hamoa models to offer even more choice to this popular collection. When open the 10kg Anaho measures 58cm x 95cm x 61.5cm yet the design offers an exceptional small 26cm x 21cm x 62cm packed size despite the larger load capacity than other models – perfect for when storage and transportation space are at a premium.

Like the other models, it is made from tough yet chic polyester with a powder steel frame for rigidity and strength – it can handle up to 80kg. It also features puncture-proof rubber wheels and the new telescopic handle that can be extended for comfort and locks in an upright position when not in use to avoid a tripping hazard. It packs neatly away in its own carrybag for convenience.

Existing models comprise the Cancun with its fold down rear wall for hauling longer objects and for easy loading; the Maya with its cool bag and rain cover that is ideal for picnics and festivals come rain or shine; and the Hamoa with its chunky wheels and rugged wheel bearings that are all perfect for sandy conditions.

Finally, at 24 x 10 x 43cm packed the smaller Telescopic Transporter is perfect for use when storage space is limited. And its light 850g aluminium/steel frame hides the fact that it can move up to 30kg – perfect for carrying a tent from house to car to pitch and back. Or even for use around the home! And it features an extending handle for comfort, plus an elastic cord to stabilise stacked loads.