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New tube repair products enhance Outwell tent maintenance

We introduced a range of easy-to-use repair products for our popular inflatable tents to address potential on-site emergencies that might otherwise spoil your holiday.

The first line of defense comes in the form of a kit containing three instant repair patches that have been optimised for use on Outwell air tubes. In the unlikely event of damage, these take care of most tube repairs that a you might encounter during daily use.

More serious repairs are catered for by four sizes of Air Repair Tube kits, each comprising a universal air tube (also known as bladder), tape, air valve and valve tool. Each is colour coded to make it easy to identify the kit required for each 2020 tent. Temporary repairs are simple and easy. Just replace the failed tube and valve with the new tube assembly, adjusting length by rolling up any surplus tube material and securing in place using the supplied tape. Once you’ve fitted the new tube and valve assembly and the tube sleeves zipped tight then the tube is ready to inflate.

A new Valve kit takes care of any rare air input/output problems that cannot be cured by cleaning the original valve seals.

The new products join a comprehensive tent maintenance collection that covers all aspects of in-the-field repairs and home care, ranging from repair kits, seam sealant and water repellent spray, replacement fibreglass poles, a wide selection of pegs to suit different ground conditions, guylines and runners, mallets, door mat and replacement tent bags.