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Outwell inflatable awnings offer carefree caravanning in comfort, safety and style

Today’s caravans demand awnings that match contemporary designs and provide carefree performance for the best outdoor experience. Inflatable awnings from Outwell offer fresh roomy designs in flowing lines and colours that complement your unit while providing unparalleled quality and innovative features for home from home comfort, safety and style.

Two collections provide a comprehensive selection of sizes to suit all needs and feature the stunning looks combined with practical detail that defines Scandinavian style. Quick and simple to pitch with wind-beating stability plus the benefits of Outwell air technology and how it is complemented by the Outwell Pole-free Seal System that easily and quickly provides a tight connection between awning and caravan without resorting to poles that can damage a caravan wall. The System uses an integral padded beam held against the caravan by an adjustable tape that is pegged out and tensioned. Optional Seal Blocks assist hold the beam tight around protrusions, like windows. There is also a facility to add optional Height Adjustment Discs under each tube to level the awning when used on rough ground – something normally difficult to do when using an inflatable awning.

Key models include the Tide and Ripple from the Nordic Shore Collection that uses the stunning canvas-like, soft handle embossed Outtex® HD durable polyester that retains its good looks while meeting the rigours of outdoor life in all weathers. This advanced fabric technology is matched by the time-proven and highly acclaimed Outwell Advanced Air System with its market-leading One-go Inflation Technology and the innovative Pole-free Seal System. All ensure easy, carefree pitching and tight connection to quickly add a stable shelter that brings a welcome new dimension to outdoor living.

Our attention to detail further includes tinted windows with front 360˚ curtains, zip-off panels to enjoy fine weather and storm webbing to cope with the worst. Side Rain Shield entry adds convenience in adverse weather. The provision of full height front and side doors provide extra living space and improve ease of access, while the ability to remove panels also reduces weight for less demanding pitching.

Proving equally popular are the Nordic Coast Cove and Bay models that are made from specially developed, durable and great looking Outtex® Peak embossed polyester fabric that works in conjunction with the Power Air System of pre-shaped air tubes to provide excellent weather-beating performance and stability.

Features include the Outwell Pole-free Seal System for an easy, fuss-free, tight connection to the caravan; tinted windows backed by curtains; zip-off panels to enjoy fine weather and Side Rain Shield entry for when the weather turns.

All collections enjoy a wide selection of optional extras for added comfort and convenience. These include:
Seal Blocks to ensure the Pole-free Seal System beam provides a tight fit around windows
Height Adjustable Discs that fit in pockets at the ground end of the air poles to level an awning
Draught strip with storage
Carpets and footprints
Roof liners
• Zip-on Annexe Sleep variations that adds a side bedroom to Tide, Ripple and Bay
• Zip-on Annexe Air that adds a huge side porch to Tide and Ripple models
• Mesh wall panels for bug-free ventilation and entry in Bay models
• Clip-on Sailshades to add sun protection to the front of the awning – can be directly connected to any caravan or motorhome
Electric pumps for hassle-free pitching



Outwell Advanced Air System

Nordic Shore Collection uses our Air System technology that offers one easily inflated frame of interconnected tubes with isolation valves that help maintain structural stability and frame integrity in the unlikely case of tube damage.

Outwell Power Air System

Nordic Coast features individual tubes that are inflated and deflated separately through external valves for easy access.

Outwell Pole-free Seal System

This easily and quickly provides a tight connection between the awning and the caravan without resorting to poles that can damage a caravan wall. An integral padded beam is held against the caravan by an adjustable tape that is pegged out and tensioned.

Seal Blocks

ensure the Pole-free Seal System beam provides a tight fit around windows.

Height Adjustable Discs

fit in pockets at the ground end of the air tubes to level an awning.

Outwell Side Rain Shield

Two wings project out of the roof panel above the side doors to help prevent rain and water runoff entering the awning. The Side Rain Shield support is provided by the beading running through the caravan rail.

360˚ Curtains

Nordic Shore front windows feature 360 Curtains with an attractive seaweed pattern that can be used in numerous ways to control light, views and privacy, including closed, part open in ‘Veranda’ position, fully open or zipped off thanks to two-way zips.

Removable front

Allow the living space to integrate with the surroundings for the full outdoor experience. When closed, large tinted windows protect from the sun’s glare while allowing great views out and maintaining privacy. Also reduces weight to ease pitching

Reflective webbing

Used on key guy points for positive, secure anchoring and to minimise accidents.

Tinted windows

reduce glare and UV light while maintaining privacy and views out.