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Bring the ultimate home from home comfort to the campsite with Outwell

Space, comfort and even a movie screen – all with a view.

Smart campers are making the most of their time away by transforming their tents into a home. All it takes is the right kit.

Roughing it? No, thank you. Forget the primitive camping holidays of the past; the new style of camping is all about home comforts. We’re talking feature-filled, spacious tents, sumptuous deep-filled flocks, duvet-style sleeping bags, and cool accessories that bring fun, luxury and convenience to the great outdoors. 

At Outwell, we work hard to create unforgettable family moments, with home from home comfort being a top priority. Our extensive collection has everything campers need to create a home-style haven on the campsite. From generously-sized tents to our brand new hit product, the Outwell Movie Screen, we’re helping outdoor enthusiasts enjoy the best of both worlds - an amazingly comfortable holiday, surrounded by nature.

Ready to get that home from home feel? Here’s our guide to getting comfortable on the campsite:

Invest in a feature-packed tent
The best tents tick all the right boxes, offering protection from the elements, great ventilation, and lots of space. Outwell Premium range takes things even further, offering a true home from home feel. 

Light, airy and roomy, our Premium range keeps campers happy night and day with a myriad of special features. New for 2021 is flexible cross-flow ventilation. This smart system maintains a comfortable atmosphere in Outwell tents. Keeping campers fresh whatever the weather, even when the tent is all zipped up.

It’s features like this that make a huge difference to comfort levels.
Add in plenty of space for eating, playing and sleeping, standing height ceilings as standard and a canopy for a shady outdoor area – and families have the recipe for a fantastic holiday!
Campers will wake refreshed thanks to the luxurious Ambassador Master bedrooms, which block out light for a better sleep. At 230cm long, these bedrooms can fit the largest of flocks, clothes storage and a nightstand for phones, lanterns and a favourite book. On top of this, Quick & Quiet inner doors soundlessly open and close so sleepers aren’t disturbed if someone needs to nip to the loo in the night.  

During the day, large, tinted panoramic windows let families enjoy the view, while the toggle-up curtains give privacy when needed. And there’s an easy pegging system for faster, simpler pitching. 

All-weather comfort is crucial for camping, as the climate can be changeable. This is not a problem for Outwell Premium tents. The stylish Outtex® 6000 Pro fabric can handle twice as much rainfall as a standard tent. Plus there’s a UPF 50+ rating and the Outwell Wind Stabilizing System for sun and wind protection.

Optional extras include carpets for toasty toes, universal extensions for more space and footprints to protect the bottom of the tent.

Bring the movies to the campsite 
Nothing says home from home comfort like snuggling up together and watching a movie, catching the game, or playing computer games. Which is why the new Outwell Movie Screen is creating such a buzz on the campsite and in the media. Praised for its quality and versatility, this clever bit of kit brings tech to the tent like never before.

Designed for use inside and out, the Outwell Movie Screen offers the best viewing experience. Gone are the days of cheap projectors displayed on bed sheets, the Outwell Movie Screen has a specially treated Technical Cotton screen. This provides the perfect projection surface with no light penetration to dull the picture. 

Outwell HookTrack compatible, campers can easily turn an Outwell Wing Lounge or the side of campervans and caravans into a home cinema using two poles and a low-visibility guyline.
It’s a must-have addition for any camping trip or cinema night in the garden. 

Boost comfort with the right furniture and accessories
Keen campers understand the importance of comfy furniture and handy accessories for a relaxing holiday. Our cosy, padded armchairs and loungers, inviting inflatable sofas, deepest of flocks and ultra soft, duvet-style sleeping bags make tent time a pleasure. In fact, they’re so comfy; they can easily be used at home, either indoors or in the garden.
Add in a family dining table for fun mealtimes, ambient lighting and soft cushions, and the tent will soon start to feel like home. 

Kitting out the kitchen can make a big difference, especially if campers don’t want to eat out every night. Outwell kitchen tables offer a dedicated surface for preparing and cooking food, as well as space for storing pots, pans and utensils.

With everything needed for an ultra comfortable camping holiday, families can concentrate on what’s important - having fun and making the most of time together.  

Premium special features include
Quick & Quiet inner doors − Magnetic strips sewn into the leading edge of the inner doors and the inner’s central dividing strip allow quick and quiet bedroom entry and exit with the option of zips for a more secure closure when required.
Quick & Quiet Access – The Quick & Quiet Inner concept applied to the dividing wall separating the living and outer areas in three-zone tents
Outwell Ambassador Master Bedroom – Campers have long complained that the minimum tent bedroom size of 200cm long x 60cm wide as laid down by the official standard DIN 112-02-01 AA was just too small. While Outwell complied with the standard to assist campers compare products, the brand also acknowledged that more space in the bedroom was needed and for years has suggested, through its Outwell Sleep Comfort icon, a realistic number of campers an inner could accommodate based on 70cm-80cm per person. As part of ongoing evolution, we introduce the Ambassador bedroom with a leading 230cm depth and dark finish reduces light entering the bedroom to ensure a good night’s sleep while cable entry brings power to the bedside. Incorporates the new Quick & Quiet doors.
Outwell Sleep Comfort Rating – To aid market comparison we quote the number of people that an Outwell bedroom can sleep as stated by the industry standard. However, we also quote our own Sleep Comfort rating to recommend the number of campers that it can sleep comfortably.
Outwell Sewn-in Ground System – The full groundsheet is sealed to the outer to keep out water, draughts and insects.
Outwell HookTrack System − Our all-new Outwell HookTrack System is a smart, yet simple innovation designed to deliver safety and convenience that is reliable in function and easy to use. It allows lights to be positioned where needed, routing wires securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, our optional Tent Hanging System lines and clips provide a means to suspend lighter items, like cloths, for additional versatility. 
Outwell Easy Access System with Mesh – Main doors and corresponding mesh panels fold to one side and the groundsheet lies flush to the ground for safe, easy access.