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The return of the mummy - new Outwell sleeping bags extend camping comfort

Sleep happy, wake happy! Scandinavian family camping specialist, Outwell, has brought back mummy-style sleeping bags to cater for popular demand from campers wanting a snug haven for all-season camping.

The three new PFC-free sleeping bag collections bring even more versatility and choice to ensure superlative bedroom comfort no matter when or where the family camping adventure.

The mummy profiles are carefully chosen to balance comfort with performance to ensure a good night’s sleep. Length and width are larger than the norm for such sleeping bags, allowing freedom of movement on a sliding scale across the models. The new sleeping bags also introduce Isoball, Isoball Down and Isofill Premium Eco insulation fills to meet performance demands.

OAK – comprises Lux and Supreme models with differing fill weights to meet different insulation needs. These cosy, mummy-style sleeping bags are ideal for those wanting to extend camping into the winter season. The perfect balance between insulation performance and small packed size, plus efficient moisture management, are all achieved using innovative Isoball under the sleeper and an Isoball Down mix on top for better loft and body warmth retention.

Offset dual zips run down the top edge to avoid campers lying on them when sleeping on their side. These allow flexible heat retention whilst the handy upper flap panel offers a convenient extra cosy option on cold nights.

Comfort is maintained thanks to the hourglass shape that offers more flexible comfort for shoulders and knees, and features like the extra deep hood with pillow sleeve. A compression sack reduces bulk for transportation.

FIR – The green Lux, blue Supreme and blue Supreme Long offer egg shape sleeping bags ideal for side sleepers, especially those wanting freedom to move throughout the night. Packing down small for easy transport and storage, the Isofill Premium Eco recycled insulation complements the super soft fabric for cosy comfort.

Easy to slip into and out of or curl up cosily inside, each has a pillow pocket to add to that home-from-home feel. While all the new mummy sleeping bags provide a generous 195cm body length, the Fir Supreme Long option offers an extra 15cm for taller campers. A compression sack is supplied for compact transportation.

PINE − Featuring smart colourways, Pine sleeping bags offer superb comfort for most of the year. The classic mummy shape ensures a snug fit to help retain heat, with temperature adjustment easily adjusted via the side zip.

The Pine, Pine Prime, Pine Lux and Pine Supreme are four straightforward sleeping bags offering four weights of the time-proven Outwell Isofill insulation with a super soft fabric stitched with a clear Outwell DNA pattern for style that matches performance.

Temperature and season ratings - To determine temperature limits of the above sleeping bags objectively, the European Standard EN ISO 23537-1:2016 on requirements for sleeping bags specifies the use of a computer-controlled thermal manikin similar in shape and size to the human body. A sleeping bag containing a manikin is placed inside a temperature-controlled climate chamber and tested in accordance with a prescribed procedure to determine the thermal insulation properties of the bag. Recommended temperature limits are based on the insulation properties measured and on knowledge of how the human body reacts to thermal conditions during sleep. (All double bags are tested with one manikin only and therefore the temperatures are most likely to be different from the one stated if two people are using the bags).

On each of our sleeping bags we quote the recommended temperature ratings for the following:
Tcomfort – lower comfort limit in standard use (woman)
Tlimit – lower limit when curled up in standard use (man)
Textreme – lowest extreme temperature for survival (woman)
Oak Lux Tcomfort rating 2°C, Tlimit -3°C, Textreme -20°C
Oak Supreme Tcomfort rating -2°C, Tlimit -8°C, Textreme -26°C
Fir Lux Tcomfort rating 7°C, Tlimit 3°C, Textreme -12°C
Fir Supreme Tcomfort rating 6°C, Tlimit 1°C, Textreme -14°C
Fir Supreme Long Tcomfort rating 5°C, Tlimit 0°C, Textreme -16°C
Pine Tcomfort rating 7°C, Tlimit 2°C, Textreme -12°C
Pine Prime Tcomfort rating 5°C, Tlimit -1°C, Textreme -16°C
Pine Lux Tcomfort rating 3°C, Tlimit -2°C, Textreme -19°C
Pine Supreme Tcomfort rating -1°C, Tlimit -7°C, Textreme -25°C

Insulation fills:
Proven Outwell insulation material where every single filament is hollow to capture a greater amount of still, insulating air.
Made from recycled material, this Outwell quality extra soft siliconized fine hollow fibre fill provides comfort and a high insulation value.
Featuring down-like compression and loft, these lightweight polyester clusters trap large volumes of air to provide enhanced comfort and insulation.
This super soft Isoball and down mix offers the superior insulation, weight and compression/loft benefits of down with synthetic’s efficient moisture management.