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New darker, quieter tent bedrooms are a dream come true for sleep-lovers

Camping is an adventure that can reduce stress, help families bond and let campers reconnect with nature. Days spent exploring the coast or countryside, breathing in fresh air and playing outside enable families to completely relax and recharge their batteries. There really is no better way to get away from it all and enjoy the great outdoors together. But to make the most of their break, campers need to wake up rested.

A good night’s sleep is essential. As avid campers, our Outwell team understands this perfectly. So we’re constantly innovating to ensure their tents provide the ideal environment for campers to drift off, sleep deeper and wake up refreshed. The outstanding Outwell 2020 collection showcases their best bedrooms yet.

Every tent in the 2020 collection features the new Dark Inners as standard in the bedrooms. These are the stuff of camping dreams. A black out canvas that keeps bedrooms dark and cosy throughout the night, even after the sun comes up. Campers can sleep longer and wake happier, without being woken by a 4.30am sunrise. Brilliant for parents, even better for kids, the Dark Inners mean the day starts when families want it to and not hours earlier than anticipated.

Add to this the all-new patent-pending Outwell Quick & Quiet Inner Door and campers have everything they need for a great night’s sleep. These smart doors replace noisy zippers with a soundless magnetic seal. This offers easy and noise-free access to the bedrooms so parents can check on the kids without waking them. They are also great for early risers who want to get up and explore without disturbing the rest of the family.

Exceptionally easy to use, there’s no fumbling for zips as the door can be opened with one hand at any point and the silent seal also cuts out light coming into the bedroom. For added flexibility, each door is backed with a zip for a double seal when needed.

Having tested the new system with experienced Outwell campers, the feedback is clear:
“Genius! I was impressed with how well the opening seals with the magnets as I expected quite big gaps at the top and bottom,” says keen camper, Karen Murphy.

With the customers’ vote of approval, Outwell’s 2020 collection has all ingredients for a better night’s sleep so families can sleep better and wake happier under canvas with Outwell.

• Outwell Dark Inners are available on every tent in the 2020 collection.
• Quick & Quiet is available on the tents from the following Outwell collections: Prime Air, Superior Air, Imperial Air, and Premium collection.