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Fall in love with camping staycations

Safer, greener and packed with fun – more and more families across Europe are realising that staycations and camping are a match made in holiday heaven

Staycations and camping are trending across Europe for good reason. With Europe in and out of lockdowns, finding a holiday closer to home is more important than ever. A camping holiday offers the same benefits as any other trip – relaxation, time together, new experiences and great scenery. But comes without the hassle, costs or current safety concerns of holidaying abroad. Plus it’s one of the most environmentally friendly ways to travel, making it a win-win holiday for everyone. 

Last year, UK Google searches for staycation were up 511.11% and the market growth was up a whopping 404.17% (1). Conversely, the number of package holidays dropped approximately 40% from 2019 to 2020. 

In Denmark and Sweden the pattern is similar. When asked about changes to travel plans in the future due to Covid-19, 16% of Danes expect to spend more holidays in their home country (2). And camping is high on the list of holiday choices, being the second most popular type of holiday accommodation in Denmark last year. In some areas of Denmark camping was up 15-46% in 2020 compared to 2019 (3). While in Sweden, one third of campsites enjoyed a 10% or greater increase in the number of bookings during last summer (4).

Experts predict this trend will continue to grow this summer – and it’s not hard to understand why. Covering anything from 4 star campsites to pitching a tent in the woods or garden, camping is a safe, easy choice that lets families have fun and unwind in nature.

Five reasons why families love camping staycations

1. Freedom to have fun
Have tent, will travel! With no flights or accommodation to book and less planning involved, families can simply throw the tent in the car when they’re ready to go. With wild camping becoming more popular, there is always a place to pitch for last minute holidaymakers. Or, for those who like to be prepared, book ahead for a camping site with facilities. If lockdown hits, there’s always the option to camp in the garden. This is fantastic way to enjoy a change of scenery and hang out with the kids.

Camping offers a unique break from every day life and the freedom to really switch off. Kids will love sleeping under canvas, toasting marshmallows round the campfire and eating meals outside. Parents will love spending time together in the fresh air. 

The right tent is crucial for a happy camping holiday. Whether a newbie or pro, Prime Air tents let families make the most of their holiday. Sleeping 3 to 8 people, these popular tents are ultra easy to pitch. Pitching is no hassle as the tents quickly inflates into a spacious area for living and sleeping. There are full height ceilings for stretching out, darkened bedrooms for a better night’s sleep and Quick & Quiet Inner Doors. These open and close without a sound, so parents can check on the kids without waking them. 

For extra space, choose a Prime Air tent with a wing lounge. The Oakdale 5PA offers a light and spacious tent for up to five and recently won “Best Small Family Tent” at Camping Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Awards 2021. The lounges add a light and airy conservatory-style area to the tent, which is perfect for playing games or curling up with a good book.  

2. Discover hidden gems
From wild woodlands to cool coastlines, majestic mountains to luscious lakes, families don’t have to travel far to find amazing scenery and hidden gems. Exploring the local landscape and reconnecting with nature opens up a whole a new perspective. Camping entices people to try new things and learn new skills. Like stargazing, wild swimming or paddle boarding, hiking mountains, and cooking on an open fire. Then, after an active, fun-filled, day, soak up the scenery on an Outwell sun lounger. It’s a tonic for the soul! 

One of the best things about camping is the view. Which is why Prime Air tents have panoramic windows to maximise the vista, bringing campers even closer to nature.  At night-time, toggle-up curtains offer privacy and extra warmth.

3. Safer way to travel
With the current situation, safety is the top of every family’s agenda and being self-sufficient is more relevant than ever. Camping lets families leave their worries behind and relax in home from home comfort. 

Thick, comfy flocks, cosy furniture and soft carpets let campers create a happy haven that’s packed full of their own belongings. A well-prepared camping kitchen means families can cook and wash dishes at the tent, Outwell even has a dish rack for draining. Food can be kept cold in a cool box, and campers can bring a camping toilet and shower. This means there’s no need to use other people’s equipment or share facilities. Making it the safest way to travel.

4. Affordable and accessible to all
Yes, buying the equipment is an initial investment. But Outwell camping gear lasts for years saving families money in the long run. Campsite pitches are vastly cheaper than a package holiday or hotel, and wild camping is often free. So once families have got the kit, they can head off to the campsite whenever they want, giving the opportunity for numerous trips a year. 

A sunny weekend ahead? Turn it into a small holiday with a short camping break. Kid’s birthday? Have fun camping in the garden. Great value summer holiday? Hello seaside camping. With so much to do waiting outside the front door, camping equipment is an investment in fun. 

5. Better for the planet
No flights and less travel make for an eco-friendly holiday. This is becoming more and more crucial to travellers. According to recent study, over two thirds (69%) of travellers believe sustainable travel to be important (5).

Bringing bicycles will make camping trips even more sustainable and is easy to do when travelling in a home country – simply add a bike rack to the car. Not only is cycling great for the environment and health, it’s also the best way to explore the local scenery and find hidden gems. 

For families looking to go on a camping adventure this year, Outwell is the perfect partner for a staycation. With everything campers need for a brilliant holiday, Outwell tents and equipment are easy to use, perfectly practical, and made to last.

“At Outwell, we want to help create happy family holidays. That is why we make sure our tents are packed with great features to make sure campers can enjoy home from home comfort at the campsite. We believe the staycation trend is here to stay, and with a robust tent from Outwell campers will make a great investment for years to come.”
- Lotte Simonsen, R&D Director

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