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The popular choice for first time family campers

The ten new tents in the Outwell Privilege Collection provide a wide choice of floorplans and sizes perfect for family campers looking for a simple to understand tent that offers the ideal balance between quality, performance, style and price – characteristics appreciated by those venturing into camping for the first time

Packed with design detail, Privilege tents use the brand’s own tough Outtex® 4000 Select fabric that has a 4,000mm hydrostatic head for excellent weather-beating performance – enhanced by the patented Wind Stabilizer System that aids stability in high winds. Sturdy, pre-shaped Flex System Duratec fibreglass poles maximise internal space and standing height whilst reducing weight and packed size.

Double zips allow full front opening, backed by full mesh panel for insect-free ventilation options. Enter and you find the generous living space is made welcome by light, warm-toned flysheet roof that creates a bright, cheerful internal ambience with tinted windows with toggle-up curtains reducing glare and maintaining privacy while maintaining great views out. Efficient air flow minimises condensation thanks to side vent positioning and Rear Ventilation System. Top sleep comfort is provided by Premier Bedrooms with Dark Inners and the unique Outwell 360° Access System. New to each tent for 2020 is the versatile Outwell HookTrack System for suspended lighting cables and handy hanging points for clothing and towels – especially when used with the optional Tent Hanging System.

The Collection is epitomised by the Mallwood 7 – the popular flexible three zone option that offers up to seven people a large front wet room that leads to a living room with sewn-in groundsheet and a rear bedroom that is split into three by privacy curtains. A versatile extra bedroom sits in the wet zone and can be accessed from both living areas. When not used as a bedroom it is perfect for storage or can be easily removed to increase living space.

Mallwood 7 optional extras include a Universal Tent Organiser to keep the tent tidy. While also options, many campers consider the carpet and footprint essential for underfoot comfort and easy cleaning. Finally, the new Size 5 Universal Extension provides valuable extra sheltered outdoor space for longer holidays…



Outwell Wind Stabilizer System

Joins outer to poles to peg for enhanced stability in storms. Wind tested against the Beaufort Scale to storm Force 8.

Outwell Easy Access System with Mesh

Main doors and corresponding mesh panels fold to one side and the groundsheet lies flush to the ground for safe, easy access.

Rear Ventilation System

The latest sleek profile rear ventilation system for enhanced airflow and easy adjustment.

Tinted Windows

Special coating protects against the sun’s glare and provides privacy while maintaining great views out.

Outwell Sewn-in Ground System

The full groundsheet is sealed to the outer to keep out water, draughts and insects.

Outwell HookTrack System

Our all-new Outwell HookTrack System is a smart, yet simple innovation designed to deliver safety and convenience that is reliable in function and easy to use. It allows lights to be positioned where needed, routing wires securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, our optional Tent Hanging System lines and clips provide a means to suspend lighter items, like cloths, for additional versatility.

Outwell 360° Access System

Bedroom opening options include hazard-free access to extend inner space into the living area and beyond for a natural sleep experience with privacy.

Outwell Premier Bedroom

Featuring versatile 360° Access System, dark inner finish and cable entry point.

Outwell Sleep Comfort Rating

To aid market comparison we quote the number of people that an Outwell bedroom can sleep as stated by the industry standard. However, we also quote our own Sleep Comfort rating to recommend the number of campers that it can sleep comfortably.