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Top 3 ways to create hygge on the campsite with Outwell

What makes a house a home? It’s not the bricks and mortar, it’s what’s inside that counts. When people are surrounded by family, friends and the things they love, they are happy! In Denmark, we call this hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), and it roughly translate

Camping holidays are all about hygge, offering people a unique opportunity to get back to nature and take time out from the stresses of life. Unlike staying in a hotel or villa, holidaymakers can stamp their tent with their own personal style. Using lighting, furniture and accessories to create their own slice of hygge at the campsite. Their tent is a blank canvas (literally) to fill with the things that make them happy in the great outdoors.

This is where Outwell comes in. Being a Danish company, we know all about hygge and offer a world of camping solutions that bring stylish home-from-home comfort to the campsite. 

How to create hygge on the campsite

1. Be mindful of space
Having room to stretch out and relax is all part of the hygge experience. If a tent feels too cramped, families won’t feel comfortable. This is where the brilliant new Outwell Wing Lounge comes in. This clever new design feature transforms the living area giving extra space at the side (or wing) of the tent. Campers instantly have more room for eating, playing and relaxing, plus a cosy nook for curling up with a great book. Panoramic windows keep the space light and airy, while the doors on the Airville 6SA and Airville 4SA can be fully opened to create a shady sunbathing spot. It’s summer hygge at its best!

Enjoy the new Wing Lounge across selected tents from the Outwell Superior Air, Prime Air, and Premium collections.

2. Lighten up and set the mood
Lighting is so important for creating the right ambience. For a hygge feel, campers should go for lighting that makes the tent warm and inviting. Outwell hanging lamps transform the tent interior with a soft, cosy glow. Many come with a dimmer function that goes from bright to nightlight making it practical as well as stylish. LED strip lights offer all the appeal of fairy lights but are much more useful. They’re waterproof so can be used inside and outside the tent, plus can be dimmed at night.

To make it easier for campers to hang their lighting, we’ve invented the innovative new Outwell HookTrack System. This bright yet simple system lets lights be positioned wherever they’re needed, routing wires securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. No more fumbling with inflexible hooks for lights or struggling to find a place to hang lights, with the Hooktrack, campers can lighten up without limitation. 

3. Get comfy and relax
Now comes the fun bit. Kitting out the tent! Airbeds offer an ultra comfy place to sleep, with the thicker the mattress, the better! Top with a soft, cosy sleeping bag for the ultimate snuggle-fest. Duvet styles are the most comfortable and can be completely unzipped to double as a blanket outside. Luxury, padded sofas and chairs provide the ideal place to curl up under the stars, and a dining table and chairs are essential for fun family mealtimes. 

Other must-haves include a camping stove for breakfast with a view, cool box for cold drinks, tableware, and a favourite book. Relaxation is guaranteed.

“These days comfort really is king on the campsite and it’s easier than ever for campers to create a outdoor space they can call home,” says Lotte Simonsen, R&D Director at Outwell. “For the perfect summer hygge, the new Airville 4SA & 6SA tents both come with Wing Lounges and Hooktracks so campers can easily create a space they’ll love. The light filled and feature packed Airville 6SA was awarded Tent of the year and Best Family tent at the Camping Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award 2020 making it a great choice for family holidays.”

So get comfortable and enjoy summer the Danish way!