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Versatile new Outwell Cruising drive-away awnings enhance the touring experience

All new for 2020, the Outwell Cruising Collection addresses the demands of the modern motorhome owner wanting a drive-away awning that combines style, quality and performance to enhance their touring lifestyle. And all feature the new highly acclaimed Outwell HookTrack System for versatile positioning of lights and smaller items.

Cruising awnings are made from our own Outtex® 3000 Select polyester fabric that has a 3,000mm hydrostatic head, held up by the sturdy Duratec fibreglass poles. The addition of the highly acclaimed Outwell Easy Pegging and Wind Stabilizer System Systems ensure quick correct peg placement and market-leading poor weather performance, tested up to Force 8 winds in the company’s wind and rain test facilities.

Connection is made using the unique Outwell Link Access Zone System that features double beading (5mm and 7mm) that can be used separately or in tandem to fit any vehicle rail. This zone closes the connecting gap between vehicle and awning while allowing external side access to keep water and dirt out of the unit or living area. A practical removable skirt prevents draughts entering from under the vehicle and complements the Outwell Sewn-in Ground System in the living area.
For ultimate flexibility, the Collection includes the Blossburg 380 that can be pitched parallel to either side of the motorhome thanks to its removable Link Access Zone – perfect for awkward access situations or to preserve views out. Its deep front canopy extends protected outdoor living space no matter the weather. Like other models in the range, it features a fold flat front door with mesh panel behind for insect free relaxation.

All models feature large tinted windows with toggle-up curtains allow tailored levels of privacy and views out while keeping out UV light and the sun’s glare. Lighting and items up to 1.5kg can be suspended where needed thanks to the new Outwell HookTrack System that includes the option of a Tent Hanging System that opens even more possibilities. Other options include a two-person bedroom (except Newburg 160) that’s perfect for guests or storage. Footprints and fleece carpets provide extra underfoot comfort and protection.



Dual Beading

sewn-in 5mm and 7mm beading can be used individually or in tandem to fit all rails.

Outwell Wind Stabilizer System

this directly attaches outer, pole and guyline to create superb strength and stability in high winds. Touring and Cruising awnings have been tested to withstand a minimum of a Force 9 and Force 8 winds on the Beaufort Scale respectively.

Outwell Easy Pegging System

this is the proven way to ensure the right pegs are used for the right job. Simple, but highly effective, three types of pegs are used to anchor specific areas of the awning.

Tinted Windows

provide protection from the sun and add to privacy while maintaining views out.

Link Access Zone System

Extra weather protection is provided by up to two D-shaped side doors of the Easy Access System that open onto the space created between the vehicle and awning, providing an access area to keep water and mud out of the living areas. The Outwell Link Access Zone System provides a valance to close the gap between the vehicle and the ground and works with the awning’s groundsheet to keep the access area dry and draught-free.

Outwell HookTrack System

Our ingenious all-new Outwell HookTrack System is a smart, yet simple innovation designed to deliver safety and convenience that is reliable in function and easy to use. It allows lights to be positioned where needed, routing wires securely out of the way to avoid accidental damage and trip hazards. Plus, our optional Tent Hanging System lines and clips provide a means to suspend lighter items, like cloths, for additional versatility.