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Couple buying a tent

10 questions to ask yourself before buying your next tent.

When choosing a new tent many factors need to be taken into account to find the right kit, so you can get the most out of this highly enjoyable pastime.

Preparation is just as much part of camping life as the actual on-site experience — and is vital in ensuring your enjoyment.

With the abundance of camping gear available in the market, choosing what is right for you can become overwhelming — however, it pays to invest in good quality equipment that allows relax in comfort without worrying that the odd unexpected storm would see your home scuttling — these are the tools of our trade.

Here are a few points to consider

1. Where are we going?

2. How often are we planning to go camping?

3. How many are we going?

4. For how long are we going to camp?

– these questions will help you focus on your overall needs and find the right tent and accessories.

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Next you also need to consider a few practicalities as home and car space might limit choice.

5. How much space do we have to store the tent and other camping equipment?

6. How are we going to transport the tent? - Trailer or roof rack needed?

7. Where and how are we able to maintain our new tent and equipment?

8. Are we going to need a an awning or extension

9. Are we going to need a carpet, footprint or dual protector?
- these relate to practicalities that might limit choice, like home and car space.

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Also, it's always best to buy optional extras within the same season to ensure stock availability.

10. What is our budget?

Finally, take your time and research thoroughly. Talk to experienced campers and visit specialist retailers or tent shows to check out options. Your patience will be rewarded…

On this page you will find plenty of guides and features helping you find the right gear for your camping needs. We cover everything from that most important tent selection in our Tent Buying Guide, to what to consider when choosing your camping electrics and cooking equipment. If you cannot find what you are looking here, don't hesitate asking for help via our contact form.

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