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Awning and Extension Buying Guide

Family eating in front of their Outwell Phoenix Awning

As a rule, our extensions and awnings are made to fit specific tents within a given year to ensure performance and, thus, we cannot advise if an extension or awning made for another tent type and/or year may fit your tent.

However, while we cannot guarantee any combination of tent and awning outside our own parameters, many Outwell campers have experience of mixing extensions with various tent models and will often have experimented with combinations. 

To make such an evaluation check the dimensions and attachment method for the tent in question. It is important that the extension is slightly larger than the tent to obtain the best fit possible and it is common to look at awnings and extensions that have 5cm extra each side (10cm in total) and 5-10cm extra in height. 

Hook on – Used on standard pole tents where the awning is hooked onto its front pole. To ensure the awning remains attached to the tent’s front pole more hooks extend to clip on poles further back. Awnings made to attach to a certain type of pole are rarely compatible for use with other materials.

For instance, an awning for a steel pole tent generally will not connect to a tent that uses fiberglass. 

Zip on – This connection method is used on inflatable tents, like Smart Air, where there are no tent poles for an awning to hook onto. Zip sizes can vary greatly between models and brands.

Pull over – Here, the awning fabric pulls over the tent’s front pole or tube and is held firmly in place by pegging the awning guylines towards the back of the tent. Although used on many standard inflatable tents, the awning might also hook onto a steel front pole if available. 

Smart Air Polyester Tent Collection

Take camping to the next level with the innovative Smart Air Polyester Collection. Designed with luxury and ease in mind, this is your home, anywhere, packed into a wheeled trolley bag and ready to go whenever you are. Discover easier pitching with the Advanced Air Tube System inflatable technology that allow you to inflate the tent in one go.

Relax in ultimate comfort with light and airy living areas, and enjoy a better night sleep in spacious Royal Master Bedrooms that stay cooler and darker with Night Sky Ceiling and Thermo-reflective Coating. Made from the highest quality Outtex 6000 polyester materials, it’s the perfect collection for camping enthusiasts who demand the best.

Air Comfort Tent Collection

The Air Comfort Collection lets you enjoy camping holidays from the moment you arrive at the campsite with the easy inflation an pitching. Its Easy Pegging and Power Air Tube inflation technology gives you more time to relax, while the extendable design and ample headroom throughout provide comfort and space for the whole family.

Sleep easy with longer length bedrooms, night sky and Thermo-reflective coated ceilings which keep sleeping areas darker and cooler. The quality Outtex 5000 flysheet fabric with the signature luminous piping ensure outstanding style and performance. Wake up happy to beautiful views and rooms you can stretch out and play in. It’s the perfect polyester tent collection for laidback family camping adventures.

Air Polyester Tent Collection

Versatile, comfortable and convenient, our most affordable inflatable polyester air tents come in a choice of sizes and designs to suit touring, weekend getaways and family holidays. Whether you’re looking for side or front access, panoramic views, extra space, or rainproof alfresco dining, you’ll find something to suit to your needs.

Combine this with easy pitching with the Outwell Rigid Air System and spacious Premier Bedrooms that stay cooler and darker at night, and you’re ready for relaxation on the go. It’s the perfect collection for no-fuss family camping.

Premium Tent Collection

Discover the quality and comfort of our award-winning Premium family tent collection. These superb poled polyester tents have been camping favourites for 20 years – and for good reason. Top of the range Royal Master Bedrooms with Night Sky ceilings and Thermo-reflective Coating provide a spacious, darker and cooler place to rest your head.

The highest quality materials, Outtex 6000, steel or Duratec poles, full mesh doors and a sealed ground system keep out water, bugs and mud, while the smart internal design with zip-up curtains and tinted windows is adjustable for more living space and great privacy. Choose from a range of sizes, including the return of the compact Nevada SP. The wheeled trolley bag lets you head out to the campsite in comfort and style. 

DeLuxe Tent Collection

Take to the road and hit the campsite with our ever-popular Deluxe polyester tent collection. Known for its great value without compromise, this high quality tunnel tent collection will keep you dry, comfortable and happy wherever you are camping. Enjoy easy, poled pitching and plenty of space to cook, dine and relax at your favourite campsite. 

Then get a good night’s sleep in the Ambassador bedrooms, with extra room throughout and ceilings that keep rooms cooler and darker. With a range of versatile layouts and sizes ranging from three to seven people, it’s the perfect collection for families of all sizes and couples who wants a quality outdoor experience in comfort and style.

Privilege Tent Collection

Get a taste for outdoor living with the practical and easy to pitch Privilege Collection. Ideal for those who are new camping or on a budget, this family tent collection offers essential comfort and style at a great price. 

Lightweight fibreglass poles make the tents easier to handle, while the weather-proofing system provides ventilation while protecting from wind and rain. A choice of sizes ensures plenty of room for families and couples alike, while the longer than average size bedrooms gives more room to stretch. Perfect for long weekends away and touring trips. 

Kit Advisor

Weekend getaway, Holiday in the South or maybe a Road Trip?

This handy guide recommends the best tents, sleeping bags, furniture, and accessories for the type of trip you’re going on.

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